Media coverup that the Israeli citizen who stabbed twenty and killed five is an ISRAELI-ARAB

Suspected serial stabber Elias Abuelazam is under arrest. He was arrested while trying to board a Delta flight headed for Tel Aviv.

NY EXAMINER is the only media so far that has identified Abuelazam as an Israeli-Arab, who is believed to be behind at least 18 knife attacks in Michigan, with five dead from the stabbings.

The suspect is originally from the Israeli city of Ramle, although he is living legally in the United States. The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports that one Ramle resident said Abuelazam left Israel at age 19 or 20 after finishing high school. The resident added that Abuelazam was allegedly involved with criminals and had a violent streak, which led his mother to send him abroad.

For several days the phrase “serial stabber” has shown up in the Google trends, and when news spread that Elias Abuelazam was arrested on Wednesday night, his name became a fast-rising topic on the Internet, with many hoping that the serial stabber is now off the streets.

Although the majority of the stabbings were black men, no statement has been issued as to whether the stabbings were racially motivated.

CBS: The serial stabber was blamed for as many as 20 attacks at one point, but police determined two of the reported assaults were not likely linked to the serial stabber … a police hotline on the case received more than 500 tips, including the one that sent police looking for Abuelazam.

MSNBC: Michigan officials said Thursday that Elias Abuelazam, 33, is currently charged with assault with intent to murder in a July 27 stabbing in Flint. Further charges are pending … Investigators Wednesday night raided a rental home on Flint’s east side that is believed to have been used by Abuelazam, WNEM-TV reported. Witnesses said officers with the Michigan State Police crime lab removed numerous items.  H/T ROD

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