Terrorist Front Group CAIR is reduced to begging for money to fight 'Islamophobia'

EXCELLENT! CAIR’s Legal Jihad, constant threats, and attempts to intimidate politicians into caving in to their demands apparently aren’t working out so well (except with Jewish dhimmis like Bloomberg). The Anti-Islam movement in America is a force to be reckoned with and Islamic Terrorist Front Groups like CAIR are feeling the heat.

As-salaamu alaykum and Ramadan Mubarak. As we enter Ramadan, I ask God Almighty to bless you and your family and to make this a month of renewal and strength.

The Islamophobia machine is gearing up for the November elections. Too many of our nation’s political leaders have clearly decided that attacking Islam pays off. They want to win the election at any cost, including scapegoating (telling the truth about) American Muslims (who are trying to push Shari’a Law).

Whether it’s potential presidential candidates Newt GingrichMinnesota Governor Pawlenty, and Sarah Palin, or candidates for New York governor — whether it’s exploiting the legitimate emotions surrounding the 9/11 terror attacks, claiming that Islam is not a “real” religion, or using dogs to intimidate worshippers — our faith and all mosques in America are being attacked.

We’re fighting back – and winning (NO, you’re not). Whenever the haters call for anti-mosque rallies, CAIR and the Muslim community can bring out interfaith support that far outnumbers the bigots. (Actually CAIR has seen its membership drop off from about 15,000 before 2001 to about 1,500 today. Funny how their revenues have remained the same or gone up)

CAIR is keeping the community informed and engaged. CAIR is working with allies in the wider faith community and others to stand up for respectful coexistence and our constitutional rights.

The ever-growing Islamophobia machine is well-oiled and well-financed. Hate groups like ACT! for Americaand Stop the Islamization of America are raising a huge amount of money every day based on lies and distortions (irrefutable evidence). They’re manufacturing (justified) hysteria and paranoia. A leader of one of these groups recently urged readers of his blog to kill all Muslims. (If this were true, CAIR would not hesitate to mention the name of the blog)

They are counting on ignorant people to fund them. We’re counting on you to help us challenge their ignorance and xenophobia. Please help CAIR raise the money we need to counter their campaigns of hate and to promote the truth about Islam. Our goal is $250,000, insha’Allah. In the past we have met our goals. Please help us reach our goal again.

Dozens of anti-Islam organizations have emerged recently to misinform the public and fight against your rights, but there is only one TERRORIST FRONT GROUP CAIR — and you expect CAIR to deliver. CAIR is expanding and strengthening its efforts to counter the Islamophobia machine and to present balanced and accurate information (LIES ) about Islam to the American public. But we can’t take on this major challenge without the financial resources needed to hire new staff and to expand our capacity to defend the Muslim community.

We must push back against those who attack our faith and deny your civil and religious rights. We can’t do it alone. We need your immediate support to defend Islam and to protect your rights and those of other American Muslims.

You can donate or send a check (Or a letter telling them how you feel about terrorist supporters like CAIR being in America) to CAIR at 453 New Jersey Ave, S.E., Washington, D.C., 20003. CAIR