NORTH CAROLINA: Terrorist Front Group CAIR makes a federal case out of a mosque vandalism incident

Of course, there’s  a good chance that Muslims committed this act of vandalism themselves*, to evoke sympathy from the press, as has been the case with several other incidents like this.

* updated-terrorist-front-group-cair-asks-fbi-to-investigate-suspected-arson-at-georgia-mosque

DURHAM, NC  (from Nov. ’09)- National Islamic leaders want a federal probe into the recent vandalism of a Durham mosque after the third recent incident at the Masjid Ibad ar-Rahman on Fayetteville Street.

After local mosque leaders filed a police report with Durham authorities, the Council on American-Islamic Relations based in Washington, D.C., sought the help of federal officials. (In swoops the Legal Jihadists from Terrorist Front Group CAIR) “We’ve also contacted the FBI (as they ALWAYS do) to see what they can do with the incident,” Ibrahim Hooper, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said. The terrorist front group says they fear Muslim terrorists in recent headlines prompted the incident.