Terrorist Front Group CAIR pressures Democrats to push harder for the Ground Zero victory mosque

Islamists and Marxists must be sharing talking points. Now CAIR is blaming the rampant anti-Islam sentiment sweeping the nation on those evil Tea Party types.

Un-indicted co-conspirators in a Hamas funding case, (CAIR) Council on American-Islamic Relations spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper says that Democrats must take a tougher position against the anti-Muslim sentiments that have cropped up in the debate over whether to build a mosque near Ground Zero.

“It would be good if they were more forthright and took a more proactive approach,” Hooper said. (Or else what?) It’s an issue he thinks President Obama should weigh in on.

Hooper said that the level of Islamophobia is “going off the charts” recently — and he thinks it’s coincided with the rise of the Tea Party movement. (Um, nooooooo, it coincided with the rise in Muslim terrorist incidents in America, the highest ever in 2009)

“The same people who are attacking mosques rhetorically seem to be supportive of the Tea Party movement,” he said (Yeah all those people who support the Constitution and don’t want it fouled with Shari’a law) “It’s not clear whether there’s an actual rise in the member of people who are expressing anti-Muslim hatred or feel … empowered by a social movement.” (Nope, it’s a personal thing. Only Democrats get caught up in social movements)

He pointed to recent vandalism, arson, and bombings aimed at American mosques as an indication of the general atmosphere, though investigators haven’t tied Tea Party groups to those incidents.

Though with Democrats trying to retain control on Capitol Hill, it’s a bad time to be targeted for being “soft on Muslims or Islam,” Hooper says — whether it’s by the Tea Party or a general anti-Islamic movement.

That could be why New York Democrats seem to clam up at the mere mention of building a mosque near Ground Zero. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has emphatically supported the construction, but enthusiasm from local Dems has been tepid at best. (Even Democrats understand that a mosque in that area has the potential to become a terrorist breeding ground, as a lot of mosques already are)

“I think it’s only going to get worse as we get closer to the November election,” Hooper said. (One can only hope) LINK