NY CONSERVATIVES plan anti-Ground Zero Victory Mosque TV campaign

New York’s Conservative Party is planning a television ad campaign to pressure Con Edison Utility to use its power to block a proposed mosque near ground zero that the ad says is planned by an “un-American” Muslim leader.

(Nice idea but a waste of time. The fix is in. Con Ed has been bought and paid for by Arab money)  Con Ed has said it is legally bound to accept the plans to sell the building under an agreement with its tenant.

The ad states “patriotic Americans” want “real answers” about the cultural center proposed for lower Manhattan in a building partly owned by Consolidated Edison. Plans call for the Muslim center to include a mosque in the building about two blocks from the Sept. 11, 2001, attack.

(I don’t want answers, Islam tells Muslims to lie to infidels – Look up “taqiyya”)

The ad asks viewers to contact the utility, which has more than 3 million customers, at a phone number provided on screen and is the first effort to try to get customers to target the company.

“We will not allow other considerations to enter into this transaction,” the utility said. “This is New York, a rich diverse city. Con Edison’s values call for respecting people without regard to their racial, ethnic, or religious orientation. They are all our customers.” NEWSMAX

There’s already a great anti-Ground Zero Mosque ad from securefreedom