"Let me make this clear…"

No, President Obama, let US make this clear…

From a reader of Right Side News

I understand you have welcomed and encouraged an Islamic Mosque to be built near Ground Zero in New York. Imagine this: Pretend you were born a few years earlier. Pretend you loved Sasha and Malia just as much then as you do now. Imagine you send them to college – pretend they both excel in the world of finance, graduate college with high honors, and take jobs in New York.

Say, for example, with the Bank of America located within the Twin Towers. Imagine you get a phone call on a nice Tuesday September morning while you’re laying back on vacation *again* somewhere sipping your coffee, from Sasha crying and screaming in terror, pleading “Daddy, please help us – there’s smoke everywhere….people are screaming….I can’t see…..Daddy, I can’t breathe…..I can’t find Malia……”

Imagine, Barack, that as she’s crying to you over her phone you see a horror in front of you on your TV set like you’ve never seen in your life – American Airlines Flight 11 just plowed through the skyscraper where both your Daughters work – then another jetliner shortly thereafter – the phone goes dead, and you see on the TV screen a surreal video image of what looks like your child who has just leaped 100 stories from the inferno of what is left of the World Trade Center, just as many of our loved ones had, to their deaths if they were not already instantly destroyed by the initial fireball and melting steel from one of the exploding airliners turned missles in the name of Allah.

You cannot locate your Wife, friends and coworkers – all the phones and Internet in NY are dead – all bridges are closed – no one can get in or out – the skies have all gone eerily quiet with the exception of an occasional military jet fighter – you pray Malia and Michelle are alive and a spark of hope flickers when you see hundreds of heroic firefighters and policemen on TV rushing to the scene into what’s left of the towers – and right before your very eyes, Barack, you see everything crumble — with EVERYONE inside — to the ground in a puff of surreal smoke, screams and dust in a matter of seconds, leveling them all to nothing but charred ashes and dust.  Your children, our families, our friends and loved ones while the Muslims dance for joy in the streets.

“Can you see me, Daddy?”

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