JEWS like Mayor 'Dhimmi' Bloomberg who supported Hitler

BNI has been comparing Bloomberg’s support for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque to those Jews (aka Judenrats) who helped Hitler send fellow Jews to their deaths during WWII. Radio host, Michael Savage, lends some insight from that era that mirrors the repugnant behavior of the Judenrat Bloomberg today.

The more I think about it, the more I see ‘Hitleresque’ behavior in the way Bloomberg is ruling New York City. His Nanny State policies have destroyed the Broadway area, one of the busiest in midtown Manhattan by blocking all traffic in a 6 block radius so he could put plastic tables and chairs in the streets for pedestrians to use. The result? Small businesses making delivieries must go way out of their way because they cannot use any cross streets and all other streets surrounding the area are gridlocked beyond belief. He banned transfats from restaurants and now wants to ban salt. He banned smoking in all public buildings and wants it to be banned in the streets, in private homes and apartments. But he refused to ban carriage horses despite the abuse they suffer from being in the streets in all kinds of weather and breathing gas fumes from the cars all day, just because the drivers belong to the teamsters’ union. He tried but failed to get congestion pricing on tolls at bridges and tunnels, which would have made it prohibitively expensive for small businesspeople to get into the city. And that’s not all…