Story of the 12-year-old Indonesian Christian schoolgirls beheaded by Muslims

You’ve seen the horrific photos, now watch the video. (Photos are graphic, video is not)



SLAUGHTERED FOR WALKING TO SCHOOL – One of three beheaded Indonesian schoolgirls decapitated by hooded Muslim terrorists. Two of the girls’ heads were found in a field while the third girl’s head was found in front of a church. Their crime? Being Christian.

DOCTORS examining two of the girls’ bodies after they were found.



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  1. Fuck ANY Radical Goat Fucker who THINKS they can come to MY Country & Do as they Please.. Your Days ARE Numbered You Muslim Maggots !! You Sick Twisted Pathetic Goat Screwing Fucks WILL Be Exterminated from this Earth !! You give TRUE Muslims a Bad Name & If I had MY Way I would line you up & Blow your Towel off 1 by 1 with an AR15 …& I have a feeling Trump Wants that Very Same Thing so If your in My Country.. you BETTER Start Packing your Turban Assholes !! Take the Family Prostitute (the Goat) & get out while you can

    • Ray, you said, “You give TRUE Muslims a Bad Name”

      No, they don’t, true Muslims believe the same way these so-called radical muslims feel. They just don’t show it in violent ways.

  2. If you followers of Islam condem this atrocity (that is done in the NAME of YOUR religion) then as decent HUMAN BEINGS you have no option but to renounce your religion and speak out against those that commit these crimes….and I do not mean on little pages on the web …but out there in the real world. BUT I bet you will not, as you secretly agree with what they have done… simple choice really put up or shut up.

  3. Why does everyone get so upset about fictional books & characters ?
    God, whatever you wanna call him, Allah Jesus Christ, Mohammed , it’s all fiction, it’s all a load of made up bollox.
    Now just forget about all the bollox & let’s all have a beer & laugh about how stupid we were to even start to believe it in the 1st place

      • Practicing Muslims? Shria Law ?! And you live in MY Country ?! You served in MY Military ?! I am a Marine E4 SP. E.O.D. & I’ve seen what Your Goat Raping Idols Do to Non Christians & if you wouldn’t Mind.. please explain what part about Islam Is it that you Agree with ?! Tony Lord

    • Jesus Christ IS Real & anyone who Believes otherwise …. Well, let’s just say I’m Glad I won’t be in YOUR Skin when Reconing Day Comes. Enjoy that Beer

  4. This is what happens when one does not follow Allah the most merciful and benevolent and the creator of universe,That’s why Allah ordered girls to wear the hijab to protect themselves from rapes and other crimes. If we had Sharia law none of this would have happened.

    • LIAR!!!!!

      All these things happen in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, the “United Arab Emirates” and other MOSLEM lands!!!!! We don’t have beheadings other than by you Mohammedans anywhere in the world!!!!

      Confound ALL your Shari’ah, ALL your Qu’rân, Hadiths, Sira and all your other most UNHOLY Islamic books – and ALL OF ISLAM ITSELF straight to Hell and thence the Lake of Fire!!!!! [And we know that all the burqas, niqabs, chadors, hijabs and purdah is STILL no protection for the fairer sex!!!!]

    • Hello ahmed I have just read your comment and I am muslim like you but I don’t agree with you because god said that everyone have his own religion and it is his choice to be and god told us to love everybody even if he is different than us.

      • You are 100 % CORRECT … A God of Love & Peace can be the ONLY True God of ALL People.
        I refuse to Believe for 1 Minute that ANY Higher Power would Condone Murder of Innocent Children !!! You have your Head on Straight !!

    • Do you Agree with what Happened to these KIDS?! Keep your Sick Twisted Bullshit in your OWN Country !! If you DO agree then YOU Deserver their Fate

  5. The filth that committed this atrocity should be hunted down and shot like the rabid dogs that they are. The cowards that did this were hooded. Of course they were the slime bags wouldn’t want to be identified because like all muslims they are cowards. Try doing that sort of shit to me camel rapists.

  6. and im sure that its not because of religion…i know our muslim brothers would not do such a thing…..its inhumane…

  7. hey………………………………………………………………. its not a reason to behead those poor girls….. im sure that your prophet did not say that behead christian schoolgirls because theyre not my follower…

    • YOUR “prophet” said that “killing infidels is a trifle to us”!!! Furthermore, you hate non-Moslems so bitterly as to condone, encourage and COMMAND ALL these atrocities and others against even newborn babies and 100-year-old men down to the last drop of blood!!!

      Besides, Christians don’t have a mere prophet but THE Only-Begotten Son of God; while the Jews’ Moses is still a FAR greater and better man than Mohammed EVER WAS!!!!

      Either way, take your kitman and taqiyya elsewhere!!!!! We know your lies, dissimulations, distortions, half-truths and other tricks too well – and you won’t fool us any more!!! We simply refuse to trust one single word out of your mouth or one single deed of yours, “antifate” and all your ilk!!!! We know how much your Qu’rân is abrogated – something that NEVER has been done with even one single verse of the Bible!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • Mea culpa for not terminating the bold-face, dear Ms. BNI; however, let it serve relative to all those Moslem CHEATS, LIARS and everything else EVIL that they truly are!!!!

  8. ISLAM is truly good religion in this planet, i think wrong people if they judge ISLAM is BAD, Religion still for a goodness, but people make it wrong about ISLAM.

    • Take your taqiyya and your kitman elsewhere!!!!

      We know how would-be totalitarians LOVE TO LIE!!!! Whether they be Communists, Fascists, Moslems or Nazis, it’s ALL THE SAME – and we don’t either need or want it!!!!


  9. Indeed, if it is done by some Muslims, we wont call them Muslims but simply slaughters, murderers….. Those who have dont it dont belong to any religion they are just inhumane….

    But labelling them as Muslims, i request admin please post authentic source too…. I read that story on bbc where they said they were beheaded by their family for having some drugs + others other stuff.. I dont know whats tru but u shouldn’t pin point any religion like this

    • Junaid, there are a lot of lies out there about this story, with all the dhimmis like the BBC trying to provide cover for their muslim pals, whom they don’t even have the guts to call ‘muslims.’. The attackers WERE Muslims and they weren’t her family.

      Keep moving, you don’t belong here.

  10. Real Islam forces Muslims to respect other people and also animals …. please read about real islam before saying any bad word about it. And who did this beheading should be killed even if he is Muslim because Islam do not accept killing any human without a reason

    • We have read PLENTY about Islam including the Qu’rân AND the Hadiths, Sunnas &c. Mohammed abrogated all the “peace” parts of the Qu’rân while in Medina; furthermore, we know too well what are the fruits of Islam including prohibitions upon art, music, science, Western education, even medicine!!!!

      Take your kitman and your taqiyya ELSEWHERE, Moslem LIAR AND DECEIVER!!!!

  11. You are all beast and will go to hell after death, AL MIGHTY ALLAH will not forgive you

    • What an absolute JOKE – and a supremely IGNORANT “joke” to boot!!!!!

      Moslems go against ALL scientific facts as well as all the proof of what they can see, hear, taste, feel and smell (all 5 senses) when they think that fellow human-beings are “beasts”!!!!!

      Furthermore, CONFOUND to the DEEPEST HELL and thence the LAKE OF FIRE your “allah” – whose REAL name is SATAN (Arabic “Shaytan”)!!!! In fact, the Qu’rân identifies “allah” as the Supreme DECEIVER!!!!

      Our Judæo-Christian God Yahweh (YHWH) NEVER deceives people – unless they’ve themselves already gone after Satan and have been doing deceit and evil!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  12. I believe that Jesus christ died for my sins.I also believe the holy spirit lives in me!I am going to be honest even though I know satan will provoke others to hate me for it.Sadly the so called christians on this site are not listening to the holy spirit but instead the devil in their may not be a murderer but you are a racist and racism can lead to more killing.The bible says that a new commandment was givin to us to love Jesus Christ with all of our hearts and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.Not only our christian neighbors but all of our neighbors.Remember to forgive in order to be forgiven.pray for your enemys.And most importantly, vengance belongs to God.It IS a sin to hate or wish harm or to make fun of someone and try to humiliate them.You cant teach someone something by telling them they are wrong.Would it work on you.Lead by example and let peace begin and hatred end with you.Your comments are leading to a continuation of hatred and racisim towards muslims and christians.

  13. To all the muslims who complain about being treated the way they are.
    You are the company you keep and guilty by association and a good name is worth more than gold, which islam does not have. If you don’t want to be called a terrorist then stop associating with and funding them. But muslims are brainwashed into believing what islam tells them and they are not allowed to think for theirselves, which will be their downfall. I don’t feel sorry for them at all since you reap what you sow. Peace to all non-moslems who feel sad because of what these animals did to these little girls, may their killers rot in hell.

  14. Islam is an evil politicoreligio that is far more dangerous than Nazi because it is a mixture of truth (borrow from the bible) and death ideology of rape, murder, and robbery. It must be stopped!!! with all efforts. Massive efforts must be taken to quickly put into end this evil politicereligio of pigslam !!! Do all you can to stop PigSlam the religion of Satan the Devil.

  15. People, there is a lot of heat here. The amount of flaming is wow! Fellow Christians,of which I see some here, the subject matter is a horror that should infuriate anyone.It could be your daughter,or worse yet, mine. However,as His followers, it is our commission from Jesus to draw the lost to Him.We sure can get pissed-off and forget that. I have heard at least a couple of Muslims that chose Jesus and said things were not too bad until they got baptized. Then the death threats started. I think at that point they fled the scene. It also caused a cutting-off from their families, at least for years. If that were to happen to you,would you stick with Jesus? Would I? How about it Muslims commenting here? what unpleasant changes would take place in your life if you chose the Savior? I do know our Creator’s will is that we love one another and we’re are not doing too good of a job. We do a lot of something besides love. What is the truth?

  16. Stormtrooper, lmao…..I suck at English, I hated school and really don’t give a shit how many times I screw it up you still get the picture right lol….

    Islam = Fail


  17. The people who perpetrated this most heinous, blood thirsty crime against defenseless little girls were criminals. They might have acted according to some perverted and warped misinterpretation of Islam but to label Islam a religion of murderers because of the acts of these criminals is to condemn by association those many millions of honorable Islamic people who aren’t barbarous murderers. Radical Islam is to Islam what the Ku Klux Klan is to Christianity – a perverse abomination who through treacherous and cowardly acts instils upon peaceful men a hatred and intolerance of their fellow man. I hope that the people who did this are caught and killed – not because they are islamic – but because they are criminals who hate freedom, and who through their actions, seek to terrorize and enslave the people around them. Instead of pointing fingers at Muslims, we should instead be plotting revenge most terrible on these animals who have through their actions abandoned the right to call themselves men.

  18. this website is all about giving Muslims and Islam itself a bad name, not all Muslims are bad, they just have a fucked up government or whatever you want to call it. all of them were raised into their religion so they are not aware of what the bible says because Christianity is outlawed in Islam…. so do some research and get your facts strait before you post shit you dont know about

    • r92, I don’t have to give Islam a bad name, Muslims are doing an excellent job of it all by themselves.

  19. Im a 12 year old boy in the united states of America and there are definitely no terioist here because if there were they will be put in prison for the rest of there life here in America we think before we do things unlike terioist’s

    • There are definately terrorists of all religions, colors,etc. in America. Half of them are american citizens.Scary!But hate promotes hate, promotes hate, promotes hate!All we can do is stay aware of our surroundings and teach love. People are raising their own children to hate.Therefor when your kid grows up to be a terrorist, it falls on the parents and sadly theyll be sorry.Vengance belongs to the one and only true god and he is fair.We are all sinners and he loves us all the same!Thats why he sent his only son to die for us or in this day and age,we would all go to hell.Judge and be judged.Forgive in order to be forgiven.

  20. Islam is a complete religion ever. the people who do these things are not deserved to be a muslim. I am also a muslim. I would never even think of doing this.It is not the reason of ISLAM , it is the reason who do not know full islam. They should read every thing about ISLAM.

    • Islam’s history is FAR MORE ELOQUENT than all the taqiyya you can ever hurl against us; particularly given that the Qu’rân and Hadiths are on-line for everybody who wants to check them all – and in fullest context to boot!!!!

      That’s how we know better that to trust a single word you Muslims say!!!!!

  21. Islam is a religion supreme. Those who do so can not be a Muslim. Islam is not enough power to blacken the person. writings do not disrespectful to the Prophet Mohammed’s prophet.

    • Koray, we know too well the EVIL “genius” that Antichrist Mohammed happened to be, and positively everything about him turns us off, period!!!!

      You Muslims can bark, howl, scream, everything you want: the truth can’t be denied that Islam is EVIL TO ITS CORE!!!!!



    • Osama bin Laden was an OUTSTANDING MUSLIM – because he was following his supreme example that arch-devil Mohammed!!!

      Don’t lie to us that Islam has ANY good whatsoever in it!!!




    • …if you think that this behaviour is shameful, then leave Islam. The Koran approves of this behaviour and even encourages it.

  24. so sad these girls did nothing except walk to school. Were the perps cauaht and punished? probably not because they were Muslim and this kind of thing is allowed and encouraged.

  25. hey you people shouldn’t talk about Islam like this cuz theirs nothing in our religion that says to do that or all the other bad things that the media keeps showing, so u think that Muslims are bad , wich isnt true

    • There is, in your ‘holy book’ and the others, believers are tasked to spread the word and convert or slaughter. Maybe YOU need to read it! All religion is bad, yours is the worst.
      Islam does not separate itself from Shari’a, wherever there is Islamic rule there is Shari’a, are you saying Shari’a is O.K.?

      • You need to study Islam closer because everything you say is totally misinterpreted.. Islam is probably one of the most pure and good religions in the world, and I say this as a christian who have a masters degree in Islam. Besides, considering yourself as an atheist, you should know that in a wider picture atheism is also considered a religion. Remember that evil actions can be caused by any one of any religion, and evil actions are never supported by good muslims, no matter what they are.

        • As I wrote down below to “noman”: Islam’s history tells the REAL truth about that super-EVIL ideology!!!…

        • If you have a “masters degree in islam”, then you surely would have had to have taken a class on concepts of religion or something like that. So I have to ask: did you buy your degree from a novelty store? Atheism is simply a lack of belief in gods. Im not sure why so many theists feel the need to label us as a religion. Theists can keep repeating it, but that will never make it true. If atheism is a religion, not collecting stamps is a hobby.

        • Mari:
          From what madrassa did you receive your “masters”? I have read the koran and read experts discussing it. The koran is full of death, murder, rape, pedophilia, slavery, all of which was practiced by mohammed and condoned by him. The peaceful verses have all been abrogated by later verses so the true islam is submit or die. That is the only choice given to infidels, so take your nonsense somewhere else. We here know the truth about islam which has been proven millions of times throughout its bloody history. Until islam is eradicated from the face of the earth, the world will face the threat of slavery or death.

        • “Islam is probably one of the most pure and good religions in the world, and I say this as a christian who have a masters degree in Islam.”


          What the hell is this psychology of you musloids claiming to be “Christian/Buddhist/Jewish” in an effort to validate your talking points? Seriously. what is this crap. It doesn’t add validity or power to your argument. It simply is more evidence that you musloids are incapable of telling the truth. And that you have weak arguments in defending a weak ideology.

          If you are a Christian “who have (sic)a masters(sic)degree in islam” and have deemed it “one of the most pure and good religions in the world” why still call yourself a Christian?

  26. This beheading looks like the work of some of the terror group CAIR’S work!
    Was that a threat straight from the quran JIMMY!!!!!??? I bet jimmy has hamas ties and may be working for CAIR. Report him for making quran threats against the infidels!

    • It’s all about pandering for votes. Obama must feel that in condemming these murders he might just offend some potential Muslim voters. After all, he addressed a Muslim audience as his “Muslim Brothers”.

  27. when a woman (or girl) is raped, she is the one guilty of adultery, not the man (as far as shariah law goes).
    There are people in the USA that want it, why???? I would not want anything like this to happen to my sister, mother or daughter… not in the least, they have their own mind and can think for themselves. They are not slaves and I will do anything and everything to keep it that way….
    Just like the woman that the village men brought to Christ, the one “CAUGHT” IN THE ACT OF ADULTERY, how come the man was not brought to Christ as well? what does the LAW say???
    It Says, THEY BOTH SHALL BE PUT TO DEATH, so why just the woman?
    That was a woman doing it of her own free will and accord,

    These three young ladies HAD NO SAY IN THE MATTER, they were raped and then executed for adultery, where is the men? how come they were not executed for adultery and murder as well?

    This is the type of thing that Shariah law will bring And IS BRINGING, to the USA, they want the same laws here as there….. they do not want anything but ISLAM…..

    Islam is the religion of the MOON GOD and the WAR GOD…. both of which are not the same as the Creator of the Universe, that god ( little g) is the only god that wants to do away with Yahweh,

    The only way to beat Yahweh, satan has to do only one thing, do away with that which Yahweh holds dearest to His Heart…. MANKIND…..


    satan is beginning with the Jew and Christian, and also moving on to the Hindu and Buddhist even as i type this, they are moving in……. the islamics can not even agree on what islam is for they are also killing themselves, not over oil, not over land, not over anything but the ability to KILL, steal and destroy…..

    Islam is full of lies, they are allowed to lie to any and everyone that is not islam, and that is not a sin in their eyes, you can not trust them…. they can say and do anything to further their cause.

    Years ago, when the USS STARK was fired upon by an IRAQI aircraft (who at the time was suppose to be a friendly) it was said then that it was just a test to see if they could do it…. Iraq was ” A FRIENDLY” at that time, if you lie to a friend, then you are not a friend at all…… I personaly, still believe that the Stark incident was planed,…..

    Islam is a life of death, and each will enter eternity, DEAD, and will have the lake of fire for their master through out all eternity….

    • I agree completly. BTW, in the last 2 centuries, they have murdered hundreds of millions of Hindi and Sikhs.

  28. These Muslim fanatics are a disgusting people. Islam is no religion, there is a virus. Islam is pig shit.

    • don`t u ever ever say some thing like that again about islam . is a beautiful religion
      and i don`t wanna curse u cause that is not of our habits .`esaa` is aprophet i agree with that and also mohammad and the persons who killed all these people are `alshe3a` they are not muslims they pretend that they are muslims

        • Who are YOU to say that someone is a moron? O: Ok… heres the thing…. I’m American, born and raised in Georgia…. And I have MULTIPLE friends that are out of staes. I have a german friend, THREE Islam friends!!! I have an Alaskan friend… I have a british friend must I go on? Its not all about islam…. its about the people that are in it that murder needlessly.. Do you have any idea how much it hurts.. At the fact that people are insulting my friends religions? Saying that they have no education? My friends came to america and upon seeing ths while we where doing primavera school work together in my room, because we had to find a good pic for our graphic design class… They are in TEARS for these girls.. So not all islams/muslims are like this…. Lay back ok? Chillax!! -__- >:I

      • Issa is NOT truly Jesus but Esau, Jacob’s brother!!!

        Either way, with its categorical HATRED of women, dogs, pigs and especially ALL “infidels” – in addition to art, music, science and even medicine!!!! – Islam is NOT “beautiful” in the slightest!!!! To the contrary, it’s THE UGLIEST “religion” that has ever existed – and in truth, it’s a politico-economic ultra-totalitarian SYSTEM that’s masquerading as a “religion”!!! It’s a CULT that deserves utter extermination from the ENTIRE planet – it and all other totalitarianism is straight from SATAN!!!!

        Allahu Shaitan, Yahweh Akbar!!! Yahweh, the TRUE GOD (YHWH) is truly the greatest, while “Allah” is SATAN!!!!! To boot, Mohammed is THE Antichrist who hated everything that’s of real good – better that he, like Judas Iscariot, had never been born…

      • Susane made no claim to being Christian you typical flaming mohammadan idiot.

        I would hope, if she is a Christian, she is a bad one. Good Christians would let you mohammadans lead them right into the slaughter.

        Bad Christians would fight you digusting, violent, racist assholes tooth and nail.

        And FYI, troglodyte, you can’t use the “you’re not acting Christian” bullshit on us atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists, pagans, satanists.

        Oh nos! What ever will you maniacs do?!

      • “Branko” (if I dare take up the cudgels on Ms. Lindström’s behalf), it’s one thing for INDIVIDUAL Christians would allow THEMSELVES – and ONLY themselves – to be slaughtered by you vile Moslems. [And yes, I could see us being willing to submit our necks to the knives under such circumstances, when nobody else depends on us.]

        However, it’s QUITE ANOTHER when it’s other people – our relatives, friends, dependants and others for whom we’re responsible in whole or in part – being murdered because of our own stupid decisions!!! God Would NEVER Allow that – in fact, His Only-Begotten Son Jesus in St. Luke 22:35-38 DID Tell His Disciples to get swords (though having only 2 swords plus His Telling St. Peter {St. Matthew 26:52} to put his weapon back into its scabbard shows how He Didn’t WANT His People to live by the sword).

        By these parts of the Bible, Jesus and His Heavenly Father Tell us that it’s OK to DEFEND others, though not past the point where we start thirsting for more violence and end up harming innocents unconnected with the conflict at hand). In fact, we are very much obligated to defend those who depend upon us, which is why in defending ourselves and pointing out falsehood we can safely consider ourselves on the right track (more or less) to being reasonably-“good” Christians. [We can NEVER, EVER, dare to think of ourselves as truly-good under ANY circumstances in that faith because every last single human being is automatically unable to match God’s Standard…]

        Otherwise, the whole doctrine of what constitutes a “just” war – as opposed to an “unjust” war – is tackled more extensively in the Old than the New Testament, particularly given how much Christianity focuses more on individuals responsible for their specific actions than on entire communities. Since, however, the Old Testament is NEVER abrogated (and Christ warned us very SEVERELY about falling into any temptation to think like that!!), it’s amply certain that we ARE enabled to defend ourselves safely as a community and as individuals against those who ARE out to destroy us as an entirety – just like the Moslems!!!

  29. thats soo sad i do know that not everyone who is muslim is like that but the most of them are whats so sad is that they start kids at age of three how to use a grenade and like they brainwash them that if you died like you know what happen in air france than you will be in heaven and all that junk but wht happend here happens every day in jerusalem but again why three little girls that dont even do something to you gosh this is something that they should be ashamed off its not fair why dont you guys kill yourself instead leave the world in peace

    • Not every German was a Nazi murderer but that is irrelevant. The muslim leaders, just like Nazi leaders, are murderers so their followers must adhere to their teachings or face the same things as Westerners; death.

      • “Nazi Murderer”?! The German people were National Socialists, some were in the Armed Forces, others not.

        As to “murders”, why would Germany, in the middle of fighting a war on two fronts, expend the resources to relocate Jewish people to work and deportation camps, catalog them and provide uniforms, meals and bedding if only to KILL THEM?!?!

        Wouldn’t a bullet have saved them a lot of trouble? Not to mention money that would have been better spent on their war effort?

        When the Soviets liberated Auschwitz in 1945, the New York Times reported a plaque was erected stating that “4 Million Jewish People” died there, that’s 2/3rds of the “holocaust” ‘s “6 Million”

        Yet in 1995, on the 50th anniversary of the Liberation, the New York Times published an article commemorating the 50th anniversary, but also cited the new plaque which now reads that 1.5 Million People died there, and that that number included non-Jews such as Gypsies, homosexuals and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

        Yet Shoah Foundations and Holohoax museums still say “6 Million Jews Died”.

        • Storm, oh, NOW I get it. You really are a Nazi Stormtrooper. Did you come here from Stormfront? In any case…

        • Stormtrooper, are you insinuating that 6 million Jews and millions more Gypsies, Gays, Handicapped, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics & sympathizers were not murdered in the holocaust because they had numbers branded into their arms and they had to where prison uniforms? Are you complete unaware of all of the slave labor that went on for years during the war by the prisoners before they were murdered in the gas chambers or shot at more than Aushwitz, but a few concentration camps? Are you a Nazi or a Muslim? Really? How idiotic can a person get?

  30. I am moved to tears when I think of these dear little ones martyred for the sake of Jesus.

    We must be patient. The satanic perpetrators of this evil act and all their supporters will one day face the fury of the wrath of God.

    Our liberal left wing media does not readily publicise these acts..

      • Your comment reveals how little you know. I cannot be bothered to say any more. It’s up to you to learn for yourself.

        • Storm, there are no grammar Nazis here. We have a lot of non-native English speakers and we don’t humiliate them for spelling/grammar errors

          • GREAT BNI…..
            and thanks G-d we are many from all over the world…I wish you could have your pages also in all languages, because one of the problems in my country Italy, is that 99.9 % of people does not understand English, and the local media is ALL ‘politically correct’…(IGNORANT or/and pro islamists I would say..)..

          • Isa, anyone can get a GOOGLE Translation of the site, but I’m afraid most of my sarcasm would be lost/misinterpreted in translation.

          • Yaa, and sometimes unmindful over shortening or add-joining of english words for writing convenience causes such spelling/grammar errors. And… even happens with born english speakers as well. He he!!

            By the way, don’t u think that in this modern era, along with changing time, modern education, cultural modernization and broadening of mindset, some modern muslims’ eyes are opening and they are biding their religious ideologies and so-formed blindness good-bye? Because, now in workplace, we get to mix with some muslim workmates who are visibly liberal and have no cultural, anti-western prejudices.
            Does it mean they are appreciating today’s modern views and values?

          • Hmmmm…….anyways, still most of my “liberal” and “modern” muslim workmates, including seniors can’t tolerate my pet ‘jack’ for long…..and others, when they visit our places. God knows what bites them!! Ha ha….

            There was a time in childhood when I thought all prophets in all religions gave same humanitarian education…..

      • Well, you look like what people can expect when atheists rule the world with their borrowed, non-binding ethics.
        It is pretty old. The bible speaks about it. And everybody did what was right in their sight.

  31. You muslims rage like maniacs when evidences presented on your faces, I wonder why’s that? IF islam IS a religion of peace, should you curse those deeds instead of insulting other people? Those poor Christian girls didn’t do anything to you muslims, but without reason, you hated them and beheaded them, JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE CHRISTIANS!!!

    Don’t even think of denying that islam IS A RELIGION OF MURDERERS, just like mohammed that filthy pedophile. He hated Christians and Jews JUST BECAUSE WOULDN’T ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AS PROPHET!!! And these poor girls have to pay the price for that IDIOCY!!!

    • Islam is not a religion of peace. Those peacy verses are from a time, when Muhammad still hoped to win Jews and Christians for his religion. When that hope was crushed he turned into this Jew and Christian hating maniac we see in later verses. Make no mistake. The last verses are the important ones, which direct Muslims. These peacy verses are just sand for your eyes so that Muslims can get you off trail when you have an argument.
      Core Muslims are nothing but butchers and animals.


        • Hey if you were educated you would know the stuff posted here was the truth. Yes, I know you are NOT educated, because you can NOT spell. So shut up.

        • Christine can’t spell, that is what happens to girls in muslim countries, they aren’t allowed to get any education so they can’t spell, read or write worth a crap. Go back to your hairy, disgusting pedophile master so he can abuse you some more.

        • Islam/muslim is not a race. It is a political power grab by uneducated idiots that hold dear a pathetic “prophet” that committed murder, theft, child rape and stupidity for other idiots to follow. I hate them all.

      • bni why don’t you speak face 2 face with
        the muslims about your unlike 2 islam maybe you will get a lesson from the muslim but if you don’t dare so shut fuck you mouth off you moron….

        • BNI claims that you mohammadans are inherently violent. You are implying that if BNI were to make that claim face to face with you mohammadans BNI would be treated to violence at the hands of you “not violent” mohammadans.

          Who’s the moron?

          Of course, you mohammadans are too stupid to see the irony of that oft made “argument.”

          In other words, nitwit, in your semi-coherent threat of violence you provided evidence that BNI is right about you cretins being inherently violent.

    • Have you really lost your mind or are you in complete denial? It’s all about Islam. I personally think that the sun is too hot in the middle east and has been frying their brains for thousands of years. That makes for bad offspring.

        • No, inbreeding is a result, not the cause. The cause is solely due to islam and what it teaches. It is a cancer that must be cut out and eradicated entirely or it will destroy the body of the world which is civilization.

      • This is Stupidly thing! Do not beleive tihs! These pictures are belonging to an autopsy (postmortem)screen! So it may be by a traffic accident or any other else! How do you say and prove these are from islam! Don’t be silly! I really laughing to you!

        • First of all, a traffic accident would have left other parts of the bodies badly mangled and like the post before you, it is well-documented, I’ll bet you didn’t even bother to do any research did you? Islam did come from a fallen angel speaking into the twisted mind of the sick Mohammed. He even said so many times and in many ways.One of which is: “I have fabricated things against God and have imputed to Him words which He has not spoken.”
          ~MUHAMMAD (Al-Tabari 6:111)
          Seek Jesus and the truth and you will find grace and happiness in God. Peace be with you.

  32. bitch nigger if i could beat your ass up. i swear to the god i will make you cry motherfucker. rather pick bottles guess what you wont even be able to see your face. What if we call your church shit like that hannnnn than whats your reaction bitch.

    • Yea man true story. Your “prophet” muhammad. Was decived by false fallen angel. Even he himself believed to be demon possesed. Moon god allah was declared the god of Abraham’s God and highest god abouv pegan gods because in those days judeochristians fluroshed in the mideast with the acception of arab pegans which worshiping all those idols in the kaaba were replaced with inly allah after being tossed out. So muhammad claims to be a prophet by his followers but indeed he died before he prophicised anything except stealing prophecy already mentioned the Bible if that. His only miracle was flying from mecca to jerusalem on a donkey with wings and the only whitness was the…. You guessed it! The donkey!

      • lol – the bible is the word of God. All that believe are guaranteed to be written in the book of life. If you’re a peaceful muslim and don’t behead innocent little girls in third world countries, then you can live here. Otherwise, you’ll be hunted down yourself and see if 7 virgins will save you.

        • i dont know if if this did happen im on either side. for right now im just going to sick with that it is true. dont argue with me. i have a headache. and also im sorry for the girls famlies. see ya!

    • Remember jimmy, Jesus loves you. Your comment shows what muslims are like, hateful, violent, foulmouth, well you know what they are like.
      BNI I hope you kicked his arse off your forum as I know I would of. Peace to BNI for telling the truth and we know she speaks the truth.

    • OK PEOPLE!!!! This is to EVERYONE -_- Not ALL Muslims.. decapitate people because they are christian. not all Islams to this shit!! I’m not Islam or Muslim so I know I have no right to defend them but.. You guys are being almost as bad as the guys that decapitated those three girls…. I’m 14 so if i sound stupid, I’m sorry >.> A little fact: People do worse stuff than this.. every day!!! So stop dwelling on one situation I feel sorry for the girls and their families yes, but…. Its over, done with, get over it!!!!

      • “A little fact: People do worse stuff than this.. every day!!! So stop dwelling on one situation I feel sorry for the girls and their families yes, but…. Its over, done with, get over it!!!!”

        What a sick, twisted, little f*ck you are.

        Children were beheaded simply for not being muslim and you dare to say “itsover, done with get over it.”

        At this point it’s hard to tell if you’re a mohammadan psycho or a twisted little product of your communist liberal American indoctrination camp.

        You’re getting your little dick in a twist over people rightly calling islam and those who practice wrong yet you have the bald-faced gall to tell them to “get over” the unwarranted slaughter of little girls.

        If you’re not an “islams” you should be. That grossly wrong priority so typically mohammadan. Words directed at mohammadans are evil, bad, racist, worthy of a death penalty, but the murder of non muslims simply for not being muslim is no big deal. If you cannot see what’s wrong with that attitude you twisted little shit I sincerly hope you die before you can breed any more twisted little psychos.

        As for your “islams” not being all being murderers:

        Naziism is a bad, evil, and violent ideology created by evil men. Not all nazis were stuffing people into ovens but all nazis are bad and evil because they believe in and practice a bad and violent ideology.

        White supremacy is another bad, evil, and violent ideology evil men. Not all white supremacists lynch black men but all white supremaicsts are bad and evil because they practice a bad and evil ideology.

        Communism is yet another bad, evil, and violent ideolgy created by an evil man. Not all communists kill non-comrades for the motherland but all communists are bad, and evil because they practice a bad and evil ideology.

        islam is the mother of all bad, evil, and violent ideologies created by the most evil man in history. Not all mohammadans kill for allah but all mohammadans are bad and evil because they practice a bad and evil ideology.

        And if your little bagheaded friends’ only worry is shedding crocodile tears over the truth being told about their bad, evil, and violent ideology they are far more fortunate than the MANY non-muslim schools girls raped, maimed and murdered by practitioners of islam. And you’re an evil little shit for expecting us to have sympathy for them and “get over” dead school girls.

        Really, I cannot express enough what a twisted little monster you are. You MUST be a mohammadan. Automatons of the liberal indoctrination mills are not far behind in the morally evil catagory but you, you vile little twerp, are so morally evil you’d make mohammad binhumpin aisha proud.

        FYI you disgusting little cretin: Your age has NOTHING to do with your immoral equivallency. My six year old nephew clearly understands the moral truth of “Sticks and stones (and mohammadans having allahgasms) will break my bones (thus on the bad, worse, worst scale it’s the worst) but WORDS will never harm me” (making it just bad).