EGYPT: 13-year-old girl dies from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

The doctor who did this has been arrested. But it makes one wonder how many young girls die by the hand of the typical genital mutilator, (AKA the village child abuser) who has no medical credentials, no sterile equipment, yet performs clitorectomies on little girls all the time.

Muslims like to say FGM has nothing to do with Islam, but this says otherwise: complete-guide-to-female-genital-mutilation-yes-its-a-muslim-thing

Minister of Family Mouchira Khattab called for Egyptian Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud to carry out an investigation into the death of the young girl, Nermine El Haddad, who was 13-years-old. In the statement, Khattab asked for all legal steps to be taken against everyone responsible for this crime.

The doctor accused with the crime, Fatheya Mohamed Ahmed Eweida, has been taken into preventative custody. The victim died after a massive haemorrhage and her parents reportedly buried her, afraid of being caught. The news was reported by another doctor who learned about the incident. Mouchira Khattab – an ally in the battle together with First Lady Suzanne Mubarak – promoted childhood law number 126 of 2008, which for the first time banned female genital mutilation (FGM), making a crime. In 2007 the Health Minister issued a decree that banned the practice in hospitals by doctors and others.

Moderate Muslims have welcomed the measure, saying that FGM has nothing to do with Islam (See link above), and is a tradition of African origin. Nonetheless, the practice has grown particularly strong roots in the south part of the country, to the point that the minister is also personally involved in the FGM Free Village Model programme, which was launched in 2003 with the Cairo Declaration. ANSAmed H/T Women against Sharia

Rise in female genital mutilation in London





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  1. Fuck you guys. Islam has nothing to do with this. This article was just made by some guy who foes not like Islam. If you want to see the real Islam ask someone Muslim. Not an idiot who has no idea what he is talking about. Whoever reads this remember that some Americans, just hate muslim’s and would do anything to get people to think the same thing. Did you know that Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Just leave the Muslims alone. Muslims don’t do drugs have sex and don’t drink. You guys do just that even though it says in your bible not to. WA Kaif antum Ana la. Ya inn Kalb❗

    • Ask a Muslim anything and all you get is lies. Taqqui’ya blah blah blah. I wouldn’t ask a Muslim anything. It’s a waste of time. Tried it, got lied to.

  2. …its an ISLAMIC culture, not JUST an African one….Africans DO do it…but look at the photo’s…does that young girl screaming with the bag on her head look African? NO! Step outside your box luvvie…and open your eyes.

  3. Hello…everyone i can understad how you people might be thinking about this practice but it is not at all practiced by all the muslims it’s just Africa’s culture…i am a 14 year old female my vagina is not mutilated at all

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