Why Muslims are so 'pig-headed' about the proposed Victory Mosque at Ground Zero

Because this mosque really IS Ground Zero…for the emerging global Islamic Caliphate.

Dr. Rafiq Habib, Islam Online

The conflict between Western domination and the Islamic Movement involves numerous entwined battles and implied confrontations that reveal the reality of the problem and the reality of the differences between the Islamic project on one hand and the Western project on the other.

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At the heart of the battle between globalization as a Western project and the Islamic civilization project, the issue of the Islamic Caliphate gets caught in the crossfire. Although an Islamic Caliphate does not currently exist, it is there in all the battles between the West and the Islamic Movement, in all the battles of secularism with the Islamic project, and in all the battles of the ruling regimes and secular elites against the Islamic Movement.

It could be argued that Islamic political unity represents the essence of the battle. Consequently, the idea is besieged by all parties who are hostile to the Islamic project, or against it, in order to diminish the status of political unity of the UMMAH in the Islamic discourse and remove it as an essential maxim of the Islamic Movement.

The maxim of an Islamic Caliphate and a United Islamic State represents the dream of millions of Muslims; it is the banner that brings together all Arab and Muslim countries, and the most prominent title of the rising history of the Islamic ummah . This maxim is strong enough to gather the Ummah, unite its orientation, and motivate it to realize its own unity.

In the collective Western mind, the idea of restoring the United Islamic State represents a project to create a superpower that would implicitly challenge Western countries and the United States of America, which is the only superpower in the world today.

The West believes that once the United Islamic State is established, its domination over the world shall cease, because the United Islamic State shall separate the West from the rest of the world and occupy the heart of the world. By default, the United Islamic State would put an end to the West as a superpower and, more importantly, to the role of Western civilization as the dominant advanced civilization.

The dream of a United Islamic State is a repeat of the history of the West with the Islamic State in its various phases. The West was unable to achieve global control and dominion until the Islamic Caliphate fell, because this Caliphate was the last global cultural challenge to Western nations.

The State of the Muslim civilization frees the world, while the State of Western civilization colonizes it. This is the contrast and irony, which renders the covert war on the idea of the Islamic State the essence of the current battle and future confrontations.

Tthe West has been doing its best to contain the Islamic Movement within its borders.Western countries can be divided into those hostile to the Islamic Movement and those which besiege it territorially and nationally. This has created the idea of merging the Islamic Movement into the political process to be a part of the competing political trends within the framework of the territorial nation-state and to ensure its compliance with the conditions of working therein.

What is Islam without an Islamic State? What is the Islamic project without an Islamic Caliphate? This is the issue and the essence of the conflict with the dominant Western civilization. The West will end up victorious if the Islamic project is besieged from within by territorial nationalism. The only way for the Islamic project to win this battle is to go out of the siege of territorial nationalism and declare the dream of its Ummah to restore the United Islamic State.

One of the results of the severe siege on the idea of the United Islamic State is the emergence of those who adopt the idea of the Islamic project without the idea of the Islamic Caliphate or State, because the maxim of the Islamic State itself implies a United Islamic State, that is, the state of the Islamic Caliphate. READ MORE: Islam Online