DISNEYLAND: No 'bagheads' need apply

“Over the last four days, we have made every attempt to provide Ms. Boudlal with several different costuming options which we believe would accommodate her religious beliefs and meet our costuming guidelines. We also offered her four different roles that would allow her to wear her own hijab. She’s chosen to reject over and over again all the options presented to her.”

They should have kicked her out the first time she broke the employees uniform code. Now she will sue them for $$millions and win, like they all do.

A Muslim woman is suing Disneyland, accusing the company’s California theme park of discrimination for telling her she could not serve customers if she chose to wear a headscarf.

Disney stopped scheduling work for a Muslim employee who has gone home eight times when managers forbade her from wearing her own head scarf in a public job. The hotel workers’ union contends that Imane Boudlal, a restaurant hostess at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, was suspended without pay, said Leigh Shelton, a union spokeswoman.

Disney officials deny that Boudlal was suspended, saying that they stopped putting her on the schedule while the matter is ongoing, said Suzi Brown, a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman.

On Tuesday, Boudlal rejected a third, alternative head covering that Disney provided and went home for the eighth time. Disney previously offered Boudlal four other assignments that would allow her to wear her own head scarf, called a hijab, which some Muslim women wear as a form of modesty (Or as a way to blackmail your employer)

The union released a photo of Boudlal in the alternative costume; Boudlal asked that her face be blurred out because she’s embarrassed by it, said Leigh Shelton, a union spokeswoman.

“The hat makes a joke of me and my religion, and draws even more attention to me,” Boudlal said in a prepared statement. “It’s unacceptable.” (Then go back to Morocco where you belong)

Suzi Brown, a Disneyland Resort spokeswoman,  said the company offered her four different jobs that would allow her to wear her own head scarf. “We met with Ms. Boudlal on Saturday and presented her with several options,’’  Brown said in a statement. “She asked that the costume be altered. Those alterations were made and a modified costume was presented to her that meets our costuming guidelines and which we believe provides an accommodation of her religious beliefs.

“We also provided four different roles that she could transition to that would allow her to wear her own hijab,’’  Brown said.  “She has twice chosen to reject all of the options that we’ve presented.’’

Three of the jobs were working on a telephone; the fourth was helping make baked goods. The job and costume options remain available to Boudlal, if she wants to come back to work, Brown said.

Disney is known for its strict dress code, called the Disney Look. (And she knew this when she took the job. (Yet another reason not to hire any Muslims. You can never tell in an interview if they will go all muslim on you)

“I do not want to wear ridiculous hats that draw more attention to me, while hiding that I’m Muslim,” said Boudlal in a prepared statement. “I hope Disney will stop making a joke of my religion and accept me for who I am.” (Islam is not a religion, it’s a death cult)

UPDATE: Terrorist Front Group CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations is supporting Boudlal’s actions.

“Disney’s treating the hijab as a mere piece of clothing that must be downplayed or hidden from guests’ view is unreasonable and discriminatory,” said Affad Shaikh, the council’s civil rights manager, in a prepared statement. “Disney should be able to accommodate Ms. Boudlal’s request to wear a hijab (even if it’s a substitute hijab that Disney insists she wear) in a manner that preserves her Muslim identity as well as her human dignity. The onus is on Disney to say that her wearing a scarf in her current position would be burdensome for them.” OCResort

Laura Ingraham does a hafway decent job of cutting the baghead’s bagheaded lawyer down to size.