Terror group Hizbullah wants Lebanon to join Saudi Arabia, Jordan, & Egypt in jumping on the nuclear bandwagon

Hizbullah chief, Hassan Nasrallah has called on the Lebanese government to build a nuclear plant “for the peaceful purpose of generating electricity,” citing Iran’s newly operational Bushehr as a cost-effective solution to Iran’s high electricity demand. (Heh!)

Just what the oil rich nations of the Middle East need, MORE energy generators. Thanks to Obama’s foot-dragging and desire to appease, he is going to be confronted with a nuclear Middle East, just what he thought he could avoid by forcing Israel to get rid of its nuclear program. SEE arab-states-rev-up-their-own-nuclear-programs-as-obama-fails-to-stop-iran

The Hizbullah chief also said that authorities should formally ask Iran to help equip the country’s military. Nasrallah vowed that Hizbullah would use its friendship with Iran to secure assistance to the national army.

His comments came in response to a decision by a US congressman this month to suspend $100 million worth of American military aid over concerns the weapons could be turned on Israel and that the militant Hezbollah group may have influence over the Lebanese army. The Lebanese government has since opened an account at the central bank to receive donated funds to buy weapons for the country’s military. JERUSALEM POST