KENTUCKY residents cheer as zoning board denies petition to build a mosque

There will be no Mosque in Mayfield, KY. The Mayfield Zoning Board has denied a group of Somali Muslims* their request for a conditional use permit to open a Mosque in Mayfield.

West Kentucky Star “There’s really no off-street parking,” Commissioner Don Costello said. “There’s very limited on-street parking and the neighbors say they can’t use the spaces they’re not using. So it came down to parking and public safety.” (Whatever it takes)

City Planner Brad Rodgers said this is the first time the city has denied a religious group a conditional use permit and he says this might not be the last we hear about the issue.  “They could choose to go to another building. They could appeal this to the Circuit Court if they so choose. This is probably not a dead issue.”

The board ruled the size of the building was not big enough to hold the number of SOMALI MUSLIMS who might worship at any given time.That never stopped them before

An overflow (non-Muslim) crowd filled the council chambers of City Hall Tuesday for the public hearing. More than 100 people were turned away because there was not enough room.  No Somalis attended the hearing.

*SOMALI MUSLIMS….Look how they’re doing in Minnesota: