SOMALI MUSLIMS BEHEAD four ex-Muslim Christian Orphanage Workers

Four Christians working in Somalia to provide services to orphans have been executed by beheading by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists who told their families that this is the penalty for apostasy.

According to ICC, al-Shabaab, an Islamic extremist organization, claimed responsibility for the killings. The ICC quoted one eyewitness, who said, “All the four apostates were given an opportunity to return to Islam to be released but they all declined the generous offer.” The report confirmed the four Christians had been working for a local non-governmental organization that helps orphans in southern Somalia. A Somali church leader who monitors the persecution against the Somali church described the latest beheadings as a desperate attempt to “purify” Somalia by eliminating all Christians from what the al-Qaida-linked terror group considers an Islamic republic. The militant said the families would not even be given the bodies, “as Somalia does not have cemeteries for infidels.WND

Somali Muslims behead this Christian (WARNING: Graphic images)