So what's the big 'secret' about Michelle Obama's visit to a mosque in Spain?

And why was there a virtual media blackout on it?

Did she visit any churches there, too?

While Barack Obama was “forcefully” endorsing the Ground Zero Mosque, Michelle Obama was paying homage with her presence to the Great Mosque at Granada,  which overlooks what was once Islam’s most important outpost in Europe, the Alhambra palace in Granada.

Built in 2003, the Great Mosque in Granada, like the mosque planned in the shadow of Ground Zero, was born in controversy. Alhambra is to Granada what St.Peter’s is to Rome or St. Mark’s Square to Venice.

“For those who built the Great Mosque of Granada, it heralds a new dawn for the (Islamic) faith in Europe.”

“The mosque is a symbol of a return to Islam among the Spanish people and among indigenous Europeans that will break with the malicious concept of Islam as a foreign and immigrant religion in Europe,” says Abdel Haqq Salaberria, a spokesman for the mosque and convert to Islam.

“It will act as a vocal point for the Islamic revival in Europe.” The call to prayer of the muezzin can now be heard in the narrow streets and alleyways of Albaicin, the city’s old Moorish district,. (Whether non-Muslims like it or not)

The money to build the Ground Zero Mosque is said to be coming from Muslim countries. (Especially ones that support terrorism) Other than referring to it in passing,  there has been no media coverage about Michelle Obama’s dusk visit to the Great Mosque at Granada. Canada Free Press H/R  Maria