'No Mosque in NYC' PIGGY found in California Islamic Center

As usual, Terrorist Front Group CAIR demands investigation of the pig incident as a HATE CRIME. Awwww, but it’s such a cute little piggy.

CAIR The Sacramento Valley chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SV) today called on law enforcement authorities to initiate a hate crime investigation of an incident in which a mock pig inscribed with “No Mosque in NYC” was left at a California Islamic center.

CAIR-SV said the pig, which was left earlier this month in the mailbox of the mosque, was also inscribed with “Remember 9-11” and “MO HAM MED the Pig.”

“This incident is a further symptom of the growing anti-Muslim bigotry nationwide sparked by the hysterical smear campaign targeting the planned Islamic community center in Manhattan,” said CAIR-SV Executive Director Basim Elkarra. “We again ask mainstream religious and political leaders to speak out against such un-American intolerance.” [NOTE: Islam prohibits the consumption of pork products and anti-Muslim bigots often use a pig theme as a way to cause maximum insult.] (Who cares?)

(It’s VERY American to be intolerant of a people who want to destroy the culture and legal system of the country they came to by their own choice. If they can’t assimilate, get out of America now while the gettin’ out is good. We will not submit to Islam as the UK and parts of Europe have. We’ve got guns over here and are not afraid to use them)

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Because those California CAIR Muslims really need to get their Hate Crimes numbers up as high as that of the Joooooooooos.

Let’s go to the CAIR video. Demand that the ‘Islamophobic’ PIG be investigated for a hate crime.