Did the Muslim-in-Chief or Hijab Hillary think this up?

What other reason could there be for a National Guard General to host an IFTAR (Ramadan) dinner IN HIS HOME for 60 Muslims with State Department and Congressional Dhimmis present as witnesses?

General Craig R. McKinley’s remarks stink of Obama Regime lies and propaganda about Islam.

“… Last week, I hosted a gathering at my home that was certainly unique to me in my lifetime, yet as natural for me as any gathering of family and friends.  The uniqueness of this event emanates from its rich origin. I hosted 60 members and leaders of the Muslim community and some members of the National Guard at an Iftar dinner.  Some people might ask, “Why host such an event?” Well, for me, there are obvious and rewarding reasons.

We also celebrated how Muslims have enriched America and its culture – in ways both large and small. (Total CRAP right out of Obama’s Cairo speech but I don’t see him listing any of those ways) In fact, there are many Muslim-Americans (like the Fort Hood shooter?) who wear the uniform of the United States Armed Forces and who represent the best our nation has to offer here at home and around the world. (A FEW thousand does not a ‘many Muslims’ make)

All in all, it was a wonderful dinner and a great night. I was proud that senior representatives from the Department of State, Department of Defense, and the U.S. Congress were able to join us for the occasion.  I am also deeply grateful and honored that so many leaders from within the Muslim faith and community, and some key members of the National Guard family joined me as we came together to learn, to engage and to celebrate that which makes us different, but so often brings us together. (Especially at military funerals) Hosting the Iftar reinforced my belief that we must all work together to advance peace and prosperity and to build a more compassionate world. (not until your head is on the floor and your ass is in their air praying to Allah) I am enriched by this experience and will remember it always. H/T ZIP