BOO FRICKEN HOO! CAIR 'spokesterrorist,' Ibrahim Hooper, whines about "skyrocketing" hate crimes directed at Muslims in America

Terrorist Front Group CAIR’s unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas financing case, Ibrahim Hooper, claims hate crimes against Muslims are ‘skyrocketing’ but presents no numbers. Blames the political right which is “stoking the fires of hate” and thinks “Muslim-bashing has become a winning political strategy.” (Gee, maybe I should run for office?)

Would somebody please commit a ‘hate crime’  against this Muslim convert POS? You don’t have to do anything illegal, just call him a raghead and he will cry “hate crime.” I think he’s in the Washington DC area.

Whatever the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes,  it is nowhere near the number of anti-Jewish hate crimes, but you don’t hear Jews whining about it all over TV.