[UPDATED] MUSLIM-IN-CHIEF using YOUR tax dollars to wage lawsuits that will infringe on your First Amendment right to criticize Islam

The Obama Regime’s taxpayer-funded Islamic defense program has been quite busy this week, filing several discrimination lawsuits on behalf of Muslims in different parts of the country and holding Justice Department meetings to discuss prosecuting “anti-Muslim hate speech.”

So now Obama is taking over where Terrorist Front Group CAIR left off with its barrage of litigation jihad on this country. Obama needs to go….before 2012.

The legal actions come on the same week that the White House and various federal agencies—including the Department of Homeland Security—hosted a special workshop to provide members of radical Islamic groups with direct access to U.S. government funding, assistance and resources. Read all about that here. Now the administration is flexing its legal muscle in its ardent quest to befriend the enemy.

A federal civil rights agency known as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed discrimination lawsuits against companies in Nebraska, California and Colorado for discriminating against Muslims by not accommodating prayer breaks and forbidding a headscarf on the job.

The government sued meatpacking plants in Greeley Colorado and Grand Island Nebraska for religious and racial harassment because dozens of Muslim employees were “denied prayer time” during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

The lawsuit seeks changes to policies and procedures to accommodate Muslim workers, payment for past and future damages and punitive damages.

In a third lawsuit filed this week the EEOC claims that an outdoor apparel store discriminated against a Muslimfemale job applicant in northern California because she wore a headscarf known as a hijab. The company has a longstanding employee dress code banning any sort of head covering but the government asserts that in this particular case it’s discriminating on the basis of religion.

Also this week, the Justice Department met with a coalition of Islamic groups that demand the administration criminally prosecute anti-Muslim rhetoric as hate speech. Besides investing more resources to combat discrimination against Muslims, coalition leaders want Attorney General Eric Holder to “make a strong public statement” condemning hate crimes, harassment and discrimination against Muslims. The Moral Liberal

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Muslim groups demand Obama crack down on anti-Muslim criticism? (And like the good little stealth Muslim he is, Obama says, “By Allah, I will”)

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A coalition of faith groups met with Justice Department officials Monday to encourage the Obama administration to take a more public stance against anti-Muslim hate speech and hate crimes.

Farhana Khera, president and executive director of Muslim Advocates, said the community leaders requested the meeting due to an “alarming rise in anti-Muslim hate” that has become commonplace as the debate over the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” in New York City continues.

“Unfortunately, this very escalating trend of hate speech in the country has now transformed into actual acts of violence and the attorney general, as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, has an obligation to really enforce the laws, including the hate crime laws and holding those that engage in hate crimes responsible,” Khera said.

“We are a thriving democracy, we appreciate free speech, but when it crosses the line into violence, that’s against the law,” she said. “And the [Justice] Department, the federal government, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer is going to prosecute and hold them responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

She said the groups asked the Justice Department officials to hold people who engage in hate crimes accountable, and “send a message that hate and criminal activity and attacks on houses of worship is un-American.” (So now people exercising their first amendment rights is criminal? I guess when there’s a Muslim in the White House it is)

The DOJ under Eric Holder has been ignoring crimes committed by Muslims for some time. Just a small sampling:

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