While Netanyahu and Abbas meet in Washington to humor the clueless American foreign policy decider-in-chief….

Muslim radicals and their diehard leftie supporters (i.e., Code Pinko) gather in Washington to call for the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel.

Dozens of people gathered in Washington’s DuPont Circle Friday morning for the “Annual Al-Quds (what Muslims call the Israeli capitol Jerusalem) Day Rally for Justice in Palestine and the Oppressed Everywhere.”

The Quds Day rally in Washington has become a gathering of the fringe of the fringe of rabidly anti-Israel demonstrators. Speakers included Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and two people who have espoused radical conspiracy theories at the Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA) annual conferences.

“The time has come that we must stir up our ‘religious leaders’ in this country to speak the truth about Israel,” said Kaukab Siddiqi. “They must put their hands on the Quran and say that they do not recognize Israel as a legitimate entity. If they cannot do that, they must be branded as kaffirs [infidels]. It’s as simple as that. Because the Quran says — drive them out from where they drove you out.” (So does that mean  that the nearly 1 million Jews  can go back and drive out the Arabs who kicked all the Jews out of their countries and stole their property?)

As was the case at last year’s demonstration, speakers spewed hate speech to a crowd dotted with Hizballah flags.  Abolfazl Nahidian, identified as imam of a mosque in Manassas, Va., cast the 9/11 attacks as a Zionist plot. Investigative Project