Move over ISLAMOphobes, 'IKWANOphobe' is the newly-concocted fear of The The Muslim Brotherhood

‘IKHWANOphobia’ is fear and/or hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood and its fundamentalist ideologies. It also refers to the unjustified intimidation of targeted  Muslim Brotherhood members.

Like Islamophobia, Ikhwanophobia is a justified fear of the terror-linked organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, sponsor of many pro-Sharia organizations in America such as CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, MAS, and more.

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Ikhwanophobia Ikhwanophobes always attempt to link Muslim Brotherhood to terrorism and violence. Western critics accuse the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest Islamist group in the Arab world, of spawning violent groups and seeking to establish an Islamic rule.(As does Egypt, I suppose, when it banned the Muslim Brotherhood in 1954.

Ikhwanophobes are the factions who call for discrimination towards Muslim Brotherhood members and Muslims in general. They may be characterized by having  the belief that all or most MB’s  are religious fanatics, with  violent tendencies towards non-Muslims, and reject as directly opposed to Islam such concepts as equality, tolerance, and democracy highlights articles and statements by prominent Western media and political figures that are critical of the Brotherhood and Islam. In a section called Meet the Smearcasters, the site takes aim at Fox News personality Sean Hannity, televangelist Pat Robertson and far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, among others.

The manager of the website, Omar Mazin, told the BBC that the site was launched in June to address Ikhwanophobia in the West –Ikhwan being the Arabic word for brotherhood. The website defines Ikhwanophobes – another term it coined – as thosewho believe Muslim Brotherhood members are religious fanatics, violent towards non-Muslims, and contemptuous of values such as equality, tolerance and democracy.

The site operates without censorship or direct supervision from the Brotherhood’s leadership, Mr Mazin told the BBC, and is managed from Egypt and abroad in consultation with Arab and Western intellectuals and academics. “We monitor the Ikhwanophobes and their allegations and republish their material and comment on it in order to expose the Islamophobes and Ikhwanophobes,” he says.