"BOMB DENMARK, so we can invade your country and take your wives as war booty"

For those who don’t understand or have never seen how Muslims might react to the burning of a few qur’ans, take a look at what they did after the publication in Denmark of a few Muhammad cartoons. (If Muslims were like other people, they would burn a bunch of Bibles in response to Burn a Qur’an Day. Or, ignore it)

Following the the release of Muhammad cartoons below,  Muslims rioted in the streets, burned embassies, cars, and buildings, killing several people throughout Europe and the Middle East. That said, this does not mean I think the pastor in Florida should cancel the Qur’an Burning, because this will send the message that America is now complying with Shari’a law which forbids blasphemy. As for putting our troops in more danger, the Taliban don’t need another excuse to kill Americans.