UK: Muslims sneak extra height onto mosque, neighbors livid

Furious neighbors in Coppice have a right to be angry at a mosque under construction, which added five extra feet to the height (not in the original plan) that will force them to live in the shadow of a monstrous building, peppered with windows which will rob them of their privacy.

Oldham Chronicle “I have no objection to a mosque. My problem is with the size of the building. It’s a big intrusion on a small residential street. Where’s the common sense?” (Wait’ll you hear the  amplified Islamic Call to Prayer 5 times a day starting at the crack of dawn)

One resident said the decision will force her to put her home of 20 years up for sale. (And will  have to sell if at below market value now, no doubt) She said: “I love my house, but it’s going to be horrendous.

BUILDERS have been accused of incompetence after “mistakenly” adding nearly 5ft to the height of a mosque. Razak Ahmed, secretary of Madina Mosque and Islamic Centre, Oldham, said the fault lay with the architects.

But Architect Najib Gedal, speaking on behalf of the applicants, denied the builders were incompetent. The revised plans, raising the height above ground by 5ft, were approved subject to the issue of two windows overlooking neighbouring properties being reconsidered with planning officers.