Ground Zero Imam said, "The building is not located at Ground Zero proper” and “no bodies were found there.”

Is he sure about that? I would say dust particles from those bodies could be found at buildings much farther away than the proposed mosque.

Stop the 9/11 Mosque This shows a fundamental lack of sensitivity, a lack of understanding of the savage nature of the attack, and a lack of compassion for the emotional trauma victims’ loved ones have been through as they sought their loved ones remains on the rooftops, under the streets and in buildings outside the perimeter of what he called “Ground Zero proper.”

Inhis first US interview since returning from a State Department-funded tour of the Mideast, the controversial imam added, “If you don’t do this right, anger will explode in the Muslim world.” Rauf predicted such a backlash would be even harsher than the global protests that resulted over cartoon images of the Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper.”

This chart shows the radius in which actual body parts were found. And considering that the landing gear from one of the planes went through the Burlington building itself, it IS  Ground Zero proper.