IRAN leader Ayatollah Khamenei says, “the U.S. can only prove it wasn’t involved in the Qur’an desecrations by punishing the perpetators”

TRANSLATION: ‘Punishing the Perpetrators’ Iranian style = death by hanging.

Other observations coming out of Iran:

1) “The Qur’an desecrations were caused by the Zionist entities controlling the government, U.S. military and security services, and the British government”

2) “The Qur’a burnings were a way to coverup the lie about 9/11 (having been caused by Muslims)”

3) “Those who burned the qur’an actually burned Jesus Christ and Saint Mary, both Christian and Muslim saints”

4) “The sacrilegious act confirms the uncultivated and savage nature of the U.S. government”

5) “Muslims will never desecrate sacred symbols of other religions”*

*Well, he’s right about that, Muslims don’t desecrate symbols of other religions, they just massacre followers of other religions: all-this-outrage-over-burning-a-quran-what-about-the-torture-slaughter-of-christians-by-muslims-all-around-the-world