Former NYC teacher wet his pants after being busted for selling high powered weapons to undercover cops acting as Middle East terrorist agents

The arrest caps a yearlong investigation that saw Burroughs allegedly negotiate the sale of firearms– including AK-47s, assault rifles with scopes, and .40-caliber guns during “deals” with informants in which he praised terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah and suggested killing cops and Jews.

NY POST Theophilus Burroughs, former Stuyvesant HS teacher, wet his pants when he was slapped with cuffs at a Bronx warehouse, where he was arrested in a sting operation, law-enforcement sources said. The seats on a van waiting to transport him to the 49th Precinct had to be lined with plastic.

“There’s no good money in teaching,” Burroughs once griped. Burroughs, 49, from Newark, was on unpaid medical leave from the Department of Education.

He showed up at the Westchester Square warehouse expecting to collect a cool $10,000 for a pair of night-vision goggles, two bulletproof vests and 200,000 counterfeit cigarette stamps, a source said. Burroughs was instead hauled away by city and state tax agents, and investigators from the Bronx DA’s Office.

He faces a slew of charges, including weapons possession and forgery, the source said.

He went on unpaid medical leave from a Brooklyn high school in September 2009 — around the time he first went to the Bronx warehouse, where he allegedly bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of untaxed cigarettes from informants, sources said.

But he soon set his sights on a more deadly deal, allegedly proposing firearm sales on his third visit. He later referred to Hamas as “my people” and declared, “Hezbollah good, Hezbollah strong,” a source said.

On another occasion, the informants gave him a Koran and said they wanted to do “something big.” He suggested they blow up a police station, a police car or the Jewish Community Center on Amsterdam Avenue at West 76th Street, the source said.

Burroughs even brought the informants to South Carolina on multiple occasions to meet his gun connections and handle the exchanges, sources said. He also allegedly boasted he knew how to mix gunpowder for a grenade and said he could secure fertilizer used in bomb-making.