OH MY GOD! Is your school allowing this kind of Islamic indoctrination of your children?

Massachusetts Public School Students forced to go to a mosque and pray to Allah. Several mosque leaders have ties to terrorism, including its founder, now serving a 23 year prison sentence for his ties to an al-Qaeda plot.

In late May of 2010, Wellesley, Massachusetts public middle school students took a field trip to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center – a controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque run by the Muslim American Society of Bostn. There, the students were separated by gender and the boys were asked to join the Muslim adults in their prayer. Several of the public school boys took part, prostrating themselves on the floor, even one Jewish boy.  One of the mothers came along as a chaperone and describes the shocking experience here.

Is this going on in your child’s school? What are they teaching about Islam and who has been brought in to teach it? Find out if your child has been subjected to this Islamic indoctrination and get the other parents to join you in raising holy hell. The ACLU will likely be on your side. They have sued public schools over this kind of thing in the past.

Also, Texas Education Board to consider rule on Islam\’s portrayal in textbooks