UK: Muslim organizations shocked at government report that aligns peaceful Muslim groups with terrorist ideology

Muslim organizations in Britain have squealed in collective horror at a secret government-funded report leaked onto the Internet which revealed that “The ideology of non-violent Islamists is broadly the same as that of violent Islamists: all Islamic groups want to see Britain turned into a Caliphate, they disagree only on tactics.”

The conversion of Britain — and all of Europe — into an Islamic state is merely a matter of time unless the criminal mass immigration policies propagated by all the established political parties is not only halted, but reversed.

UK GUARDIAN “These are a selection of the various groups and institutions active in the UK which are broadly sympathetic to Islamism. While only a small proportion will agree with al-Qaeda’s tactics, many will agree with their overall goal of creating a single ‘Islamic state’ which would bring together all Muslims around the world under a single government and then impose on them a single interpretation of sharia as state law.”

A secret list prepared for a top British security official accuses peaceful Muslim groups, politicians, a television channel and a Scotland Yard unit of sharing the ideology of terrorists. The list was drawn up for Charles Farr, the director general of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), a directorate of the Home Office. Farr is a former senior intelligence officer.

It was sent to him in June by the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism thinktank which has received about £1m in government funding. Quilliam was co-founded by Ed Husain and Maajid Nawaz, former activists in the radical Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir. Critics of the foundation accused it of McCarthyite smear tactics and branded its claims ridiculous. The foundation declined repeated requests for comment.

The document sent to Farr is entitled “Preventing terrorism; where next for Britain?” It lists alleged extremist sympathisers, including the Muslim Council of Britain, the main umbrella group in Britain for Islamic organisations. It also claims that a Scotland Yard counter-terrorism squad called the Muslim Contact Unit is dominated by extremist ideology.

The document adds that if local or central government engages with such groups “it risks empowering proponents of the ideology, if not the methodology, that is behind terrorism”.

Also listed in the document are the Muslim Association of Britain, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, the Cordoba Foundation, and Muslim Welfare House, based in north London, which was instrumental in forcing the extremist cleric Abu Hamza out of the Finsbury Park mosque where he preached.

“This is a truly shocking document, and it is little wonder that the Quilliam Foundation marked it as being not for public disclosure. In effect, Quilliam – a body funded by the government through Prevent – are attempting to set themselves up as arbiters of who is and is not an acceptable Muslim. Their document specifically contains a McCarthy-type list of large and established Muslim organisations that they regard as suspect and smears them as being ‘Islamists’.” (McCarthy was right, we need him now to sort out the ‘peaceful’ terrorists from the active terrorists)

Robert Lambert, who co-founded and led Scotland Yard’s Muslim Contact Unit, said: “The list demonises a whole range of groups that in my experience have made valuable contributions to counter-terrorism.”

He said he had never seen such a list before, warned that it could damage Muslim confidence in the government, and said the meaning of the list was clear: “They are arguing these are either witting or unwitting fellow travellers, providing the mood music for the terrorists.”

Quilliam’s argument is that the government cannot merely tackle those advocating terrorist violence, but also has to target those who have the same views, even if they advocate peaceful means.