FORT HOOD MUSLIM TROUBLEMAKER says, ‘U.S. Army Training is Propaganda Against Islam’

This whinyassed Muslim soldier has been stirring up trouble  for months now, claiming he is picked on by all the other soldiers because he is a Muslim. So why the Hell is he still in the Army? Why the Hell is any Muslim in the U.S. Armed Forces now?

CNS NEWS Zachari Klawonn, a Muslim U.S. Army specialist stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, told the Arabic-language television network Al Jazeera in a recent interview that training he had undergone in the U.S. military was “propaganda against Islam.”

Fort Hood is the Army installation where Maj. Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, executed a terrorist attack last November. Hasan has since been charged with murdering 13 people and attempting to murder 32 others. Al Jazeera is based in Qatar.

U.S. Army Specialist Klawonn told Al Jazeera he was subject to disrespectful comments and harassment of his property from fellow soldiers and from the Army command itself.

A spokesman for Fort Hood told that, as an American, Klawonn had a right to express his views and that he had informed his commanding officer that he was going to appear on Al-Jazeera. The spokesman said the Army did not agree with what Klawonn said.

When Klawoon appeared on Al Jazeera on Aug. 24, the moderator asked, “Could you tell us how this anti-Islam campaign which coincides with the month of Ramadan affected your situation at the Fort Hood base which witnessed a shooting by a former Muslim American soldier? How are you being treated these days?”

“Absolutely,” said Klawonn. “Even before that horrific attack [by Maj. Hassan, the overwhelming sense of Islamophobia was present in the U.S. military. It’s evident within the anti-terrorism training as well as the vibe in the general environment around me, and unfortunately some of the discrimination I have been through is the result of that environment.”

The Al Jazeera moderator pointed out to Klawonn that there is a mosque at the Pentagon and that the U.S. military presents itself as open to minorities and those who “suffer” in American society. Klawonn responded that his training in the U.S. Army was “propaganda against Islam.”

“I think there’s a pretty big misconception of the reality of what’s going on in the military and what the mainstream media says,” said Klawonn. “The reality is that there is a sense of Islamophobia and there is a big misunderstanding of the Islamic faith and that contributes to people’s negative notions coming into the military. (No, it is America’s new found UNDERSTANDING of Islam that makes Americans hate Muslims) Also the training we get and the information we are subject to constitutes propaganda against Islam.

“Unfortunately we are going through this right now,” said Klawonn. “I think this speaks volumes about us as a society right now. I mean, as an American citizen and a service member I see the opposition of American citizens to my right to build an Islamic community center near Ground Zero as a big slap in my face as a service member.”

“Islamophobia is evident within the military but I think it’s also within our American society right now, unfortunately,” said Klawonn.

“But more importantly the training that I have been subjected to is a complete slap in my face,” he said. “Any Muslim who happens to be in the service and is subject to this training can see that this is an absolutely false interpretation of Islam. It’s heartbreaking to see this as a service member.” (Then LEAVE!)

Chris Haug, Army branch chief of media relations for Fort Hood, told that Klawonn has the right to share his personal opinions with the media, even though the Army disagrees with the statements Klawonn made, which Haug said were “inaccurate.”

(This Muslim POS has been all over the liberal and Arab media for months, denigrating his employer and his country, from Fort Hood of all places)

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