What the two remaining ‘Berkeley’ students could experience while awaiting trial in Iranian prison

They claim they wandered into Iran ‘by mistake’ but have been sitting in an Iranian prison for over a year charged with espionage. The woman was just released but the men will be put on trial.

(The three hikers are leftie scum from UC Berkeley who could think of nowhere else in the world better to go hiking than on the border of Iraq-Iran? They are all America-bashing, Israel-hating, pro-Palestinian liberals who probably figured they would be welcomed with open arms by Muslim terrorists (a la Rachel Corrie). I don’t buy it for a minite that they mistakenly wandered into Iran.)

Twin Cities Iranian authorities on Tuesday released American hiker Sarah Shourd after more than a year of imprisonment and the posting of a $500,000 bond, leaving her fiance — Minnesota native Shane Bauer — and a friend still in custody.

Shourd’s sudden departure on a private plane to the Persian Gulf nation of Oman was the latest wrinkle in the saga of the three Americans who were arrested last year hiking in mountains along the border between Iran and Iraq. The arrests have complicated U.S. diplomacy in the region as the Obama administration has sought to pressure Iran to end its alleged nuclear weapons program.

Iran said Tuesday that it had no plans to release the two men anytime soon.

In a statement, the families of the three hikers thanked Iran for “showing compassion in Sarah’s case” but also called on Iran to free Bauer and Fattal. “They deserve to come home, too,” the statement said. “Iran has no grounds to deprive them of their liberty a moment longer.(As if that matters to Iran)






“Take him and get him pregnant,” said Iranian prison guards to jailed student dissident. Imagine how they treat Americans charged with spying.

Twenty-four-year-old Ibrahim Sharifi, a university student from Tehran who campaigned actively on the Internet for opposition presidential candidate, said, he was kidnapped, handcuffed, blindfolded and stuffed into a car. He said they drove him to an unknown location, where he was stripped to his underwear. There, he said, he endured several days of beatings and mock executions alongside other male prisoners, all the time tightly blindfolded. “They took us and they put a noose around my neck in a way that I was forced to stand on my tiptoes, unable to breathe,” Sharifi said.“There was the stink of piss and blood. It smelled terrible,” Sharifi recalled. “I was beaten so much I didn’t have any energy left to cry.” Sharifi said his captors kicked him repeatedly in the stomach until he started vomiting blood. “Then the guy told someone else, ‘Take him and get him pregnant.’ “They tied my hands to the wall and tied my legs, and then did that thing to me. CNN