INDONESIA: That so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim country where Christian churches are constantly under attack by violent Muslims

Dozens of Christians held prayers inside their boarded-up church near Indonesia’s capital Sunday, saying they had as much right as anyone to worship in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

The Blaze Using bullhorns, local officials reminded members of the Batak Christian Protestant Church they were banned from the site following an attack on two church leaders by suspected Islamic hard-liners.

“We just want to carry out our obligations as Christians, but authorities are treating us like terrorists,” said Advent Tambunan, a member of the congregation in the industrial city of Bekasi. “There’s no justice for us in this country.”

Indonesian Christians cover their mouths during a protest against Muslim attacks on churches

Indonesia, a secular country of 237 million people, has more Muslims than any other in the world. Ten people were arrested after last week’s attacks, which left one churchgoer hospitalized with a stab wound. Among them was the local leader of the hard-line Islamic Defender’s Front, which has led calls for the Christians to leave.

In recent months, the hard-liners have thrown shoes and water bottles at the church members, interrupted sermons with chants of “Infidels!” and dumped piles of feces on the land.