FRANCE: Female Suicide Bomber threatens to blow herself up on Paris transport system

It was revealed today that a plot by a female terrorist to blow up ‘a busy part of Paris’ – thought to be the Eiffel Tower – had been thwarted. But the would-be suicide bomber’s lingering threat is being taken ‘extremely seriously, said a source at France’s Interior Ministry.

Everything possible is being done to find this woman before it’s too late,’ said the interior ministry source. ‘Everyone in Paris must be on their guard, no matter where they come from.’

France’s Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said: ‘The terrorist threat is real and today our vigilance is reinforced. ‘There are an array of clues from the last few days, and even hours, which show the terrorist threat is extremely high.

‘This is a real threat.’

Armed units are employing stop-and-search tactics at all major hubs, including the city’s Eurostar terminal and the Eiffel Tower, and British tourists are among those who have been warned to remain vigilant.

The news of the terrorist hunt comes just a week after the country’s internationally controversial decision to ban the burka became law.

The policy brought immediate threats of revenge from radical Islamist groups.

Leaders of Al Qaeda’s North African network wrote on an extremist website: ‘We will seek dreadful revenge on France by all means at our disposal, for the honour of our daughters and sisters.’

Last weekend the head of French domestic intelligence warned that the controversial law meant the chance of the country becoming the target of a major terrorist attack had been ‘seriously increased’. Read more: UK DAILY MAIL