Did you know there’s going to be a HALAL (Islamic slaughter) food cart at Ground Zero?

Apparently Muslim food vendors are anticipating a big spike in business from all the terrorist sympathizers who will be gathering at the Ground Zero Victory Mosque to celebrate the murder of 3000 Americans.

Huffington Post In New York news, Americans from all over the country have publicly opposed the institution of a new Halal cart near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan. As planned, the Muslim food cart would be stationed right near a site that is synonymous with almost 3,000 American deaths, and in many way ways, $6 platters of lamb, rice, and some unidentifiable sauce.

“It is offensive to those families who lost loved ones to have to smell that low-grade meat everytime they’re in Ground Zero,” said New York firefighter, Paul Haggerty. “I don’t mind having that over-salted and really dry food in other parts of the city–but why here? Why in a location that would cause even more trauma and indigestion to people still mourning?”

Even politicians–especially from the Republican Party–have made a case against the Halal cart, questioning the motive behind the cart.

“Do we even know where the funding for this Muslim-associated street cart is coming from?” said New York Gubernatorial candidate, Rick Lazio. “We as Americans have to ask ourselves questions about the intentions of this ‘street meat.’ There is reason to believe that the profits from those cheap meat platters will just fuel another Muslim extremist attack on our great country–so why not stop it in its beginning stages?”

Despite the unpopular position, President Obama has stood behind the new Halal cart, claiming: “This is America, and our commitment to all eateries–from Union Square Cafe to this Halal cart–must be unshakable. The Halal cart will serve as an example to all Americans, regardless of food preference, how [possibly with the addition of a little moisture] not all Halal carts are responsible for the attacks of September 11th.”