Islamic Jihadists attack website for Jewish kids

Commemorating the anniversary of 9/11, Cyber Jihadists attack the website of Jewish camp, a non-political organization that gives physical aid and camp scholarships to families in need.

The Zone , the website of Oorah’s Jewish boy’s and girl’s camps, was attacked during the anniversary week of 9/11. The hackers left a message on the website that linked back to another site with the warning: UYARI: TURKISH INTERNATIONAL MUSLIM HACKERS and “Sisteme zarar verilmemistir. Aciklarinizi kapatiniz” (Turkish for “Shut down the system”) along with an ad for the Palestinian Mavi Marmara.

“This may have only been a cyber attack,” said Oorah spokesman Cliff Meth. Hate groups have no conscience.”  Oorah was immediately in touch with law enforcement and legal authorities are currently looking into the matter. The original website has been restored.

Oorah’s is the only website that Oorah outsources. “Our other sites—such as,,, and—were out of harm’s way and we have taken extra precautions to protect them.”

The Zone, which consists of BoyZone and GirlZone, is a sleep-away camp in the Catskill region of Upstate New York. Nearly 1000 children attended the heavily subsidized camp this summer.

Last week it was Rifqa Bary’s ex-lawyer whose website was hacked by jihadists, andjihadists hacked a Spanish nightclub’s website threatening war against Spain.

A computer virus circulating was reportedly linked to Islamic cyber jihadis according to Computer World:

A fast-spreading e-mail worm that crashed systems Thursday may be linked to a cyber jihad organization called Tariq ibn Ziyad, according to security vendor SecureWorks.

The “Here you have” worm spread like wildfire through some computer networks, bringing e-mail servers down and reportedly disrupting large U.S. organizations including Disney, Proctor and Gamble, Wells Fargo, and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). It’s known as “Here you have” because that is sometimes the subject line of the messages used to spread the malware.

Much of the worm’s code is identical to an earlier piece of malware that was released last month, and both worms refer to a Libyan hacker who uses the name Iraq Resistance, who has been trying to form a hacking group called Brigades of Tariq ibn Ziyad, said Joe Stewart, director of malware research with SecureWorks.   PR WEB H/T Creeping Sharia