MUSLIM 'TAQIYYA' (lying to infidels) at its best

The Muslim mastermind of the so-called Toronto 18 bomb plot suddenly no longer believes in extremist Islamic ideology so his life sentence should be reduced, an appeals court has heard.

Zakaria Amara, 24, was the ringleader of a terrorist group with plans to set off bombs in downtown Toronto, police stations, military bases and at Parliament Hill.

But at least one of the three justices hearing the appeal appeared to take issue with arguments put forward Tuesday in a Toronto courtroom.

“Why should we send a message to society that if you have remorse we will forgive you? I’m hearing poor Mr. Amara but I’m thinking poor to the thousands of Canadians if his plot had worked,” said Justice Michael Moldaver.

A note photographed inside Zakaria Amara's car details precautions to take when dealing with new recruits.

Amara’s lawyer, James Lockyer, is trying to have his client’s sentence reduced from life to a range of 18 years to 20 years. Lockyer said at the time of Amara’s arrest, he was 20, a first-time offender, married with a child, employed and attended college.

“His characteristics were underestimated by the trial judge. There were a combination of facts that should have worked in his favour other than what he plotted to do,” Lockyer said.

During his trial, Amara said he has “gone from a man of destruction to one of construction.” His wife claimed he could be a good citizen. (HAH!)Video evidence released in the case of Zakaria Amara includes the remote controlled detonator he built, the delivery of 3 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer destined for truck bombs and an RCMP video showing the destruction capable with 1 ton of the fertilizer.

“When some people are caught, they still believe in their cause. He no longer has those beliefs and that could take him out of the range of a life sentence,” Lockyer said. (CRAP – Muslims never change, they lie because their religion tells them to lie to non-believers on behalf of jihad)

If there is no change in the sentence – and Amara is eventually released – he would remain on parole for life. “You will be accountable to us for the rest of you life. Even the existence of this plot is unthinkable and damaged our society on so many levels,” said Crown attorney Nicholas Devlim.

“How do you go from wanting to kill so many people to ‘Oh, that is wrong.’ This is the right sentence for the safety of our society,” he said. (Indeed!) CNEWS H/T Jo