"No peace in our time," after 'peace-partners' meeting ends abruptly over two-state solution dispute

Israeli-Palestinian meeting ended abruptly in New York due to a disagreement between Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on the terms of a two-state solution.

YNET NEWS Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad leaves meeting with Danny Ayalon angry, after Israel’s


deputy foreign minister demands that meeting summary refer to notion of ‘two states for two peoples’ (The Palestinians want a Palestinian state PLUS a right-of-return so they can flood the rest of Israel with Arab refugees sitting in Arab refugee camps.)

The dispute followed Ayalon’s demand that the meeting summary refer to the notion of “two states for two peoples,” rather than just “two states.”


“I wanted that at the very least it will note two states for two peoples. I demanded to know what they meant. One Palestinian state and one bi-national state, or another Palestinian state?,” the deputy minister told Ynet. “I made it clear that we were out of the picture if the summary didn’t say two states for two peoples.”

In the meeting, Ayalon said that Israel will continue to support the Palestinian economy (Stupid move), even without its consent, but noted that Israel’s security needs must also be taken into consideration.

Fayyad asked to further ease Palestinian movement in the West Bank, to which Ayalon replied: “We shall not gamble away Israel’s security and future. Everything depends on the security situation and am agreed-upon political solution.”

The deputy foreign minister also demanded guarantees that donation money will not be used for incitement or a boycott of Israeli products.(HAH! That’ll be the day)