"Israel must choose between settlements and peace," Palestinian leader Abbas told the UN General Assembly

Gee, that’s funny, Israel chose peace over settlements in Gaza in 2005 and all it got them was more than 8,000 rocket attacks from their Arab ‘peace’ partners.

YNET NEWS Abbas called on Israel to stand behind its past commitments, and protested the contempt for law in east Jerusalem, “occupied Palestine’s capital.” (Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, for the past 5000 years. Arabs are the occupiers)

Abbas also emphasized that the Palestinians are ready for and desire a peace agreement, saying such an agreement would be possible if Israel withdraws to the pre-1967 borders and allows a Palestinian state to have its capital in east Jerusalem. Abbas said the Israeli government must be forced to “live up to its commitments, halt all settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, and remove the apartheid wall.

The Palestinian leader told the General Assembly that using his “hand that is injured from the Israeli occupation and violence,” he is extending an olive branch.

In his speech, Abbas said the Palestinians would expend “every sincere effort” to reach a peace agreement with Israel within a year “based on the Arab peace initiative, the Road map and the two-state solution.”

He did not refer to Sunday’s expiry of an Israeli freeze on new settlement construction in the West Bank. However, he made clear that Israel would have to cease all settlement activities if the direct negotiations are to succeed. Netanyahu, whose rightist coalition government includes pro-settler parties, has so far deflected US President Barack Obama’s pleas to extend the freeze.

Abbas accused Israel of committing “crimes” in Jerusalem and the territories. “Israel is a country that is above the law – destroys homes, expands settlements, erects a racist fence, makes arrests and oppresses. “East Jerusalem is the capital of independent Palestine. The Israeli measures are illegal,” he said.

Turning his attention to Gaza, Abbas said Israel must immediately lift its “illegal” blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory and “end the citizens’ suffering.”

Abbas has repeatedly threatened to break off the fragile negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the settlements. The US-supervised talks are aimed at reaching a peace agreement within a year.