MUSLIMS in the West are trying to ram Ramadan down EVERYBODY'S throat

Blocking the streets of Paris with hundreds of asses in the air during Muslim prayer times isn’t bad enough. Now, Muslims are insisting that even non- Muslims observe their religious beliefs. And they make their point violently.

A young Jewish woman lodged a complaint for being assaulted in a supermarket in Toulouse. The victim said she was taken to task for buying food during the Ramadan fast. The young woman argued that she was Jewish, which just made her attackers angrier. They called her a ‘dirty Jew’, hit her on the head, and roughly pushed her down. A guard witnesses the events, without intervening. Questioned by the investigators about his passivity, the man explained that he observed Ramadan and hurried to leave in order to eat after sunset.

He was eating breakfast on the terrace of a restaurant in the center of Lyon on the weekend of August 15th, when three youth jumped him because he didn’t observe the fast of Ramadan. The father of the Senegalese family from Vénissieux was hit on the head with a glass bottle, and then beaten with a chair. Rushed to the hospital with a fracture to the back of his head, the victim was operated on. The attack was caught on CCTV, but the images are of poor quality and it is impossible to identify the attackers. The Lyon prosecutor opened a preliminary investigation. According to our sources, the manager of the kebab (restaurant), fearing reprisals, wants to testify anonymously. Islam in Europe H/T Traduction

AUSTRALIA: non-Muslim student bullied for eating a salami sandwich during Ramadan.