DISGUSTING! '60 MINUTES' does a total puff piece on the Muslim 'taqiyya' (BS) artists behind the Ground Zero Victory Mosque…

…But does a hit job on Pamela Geller.

It’s obvious this reporter knows nothing about the Islamists involved because he fails to ask the ‘developer ‘ how he came up with $4.8 million cash when he was waiting tables just a few years ago. And he doesn’t even touch on the Imam’s ties to known terrorist groups and his desire to see America become Shari’a-compliant. This piece of trash wouldn’t get a C in a high school journalism class because it is totally one-sided and negligent in presenting the facts about the shady backgrounds and real intentions of the Muslims behind the mosque. Had this reporter interviewed an Arab speaker like Walid Shoebat, who has translated Imam Rauf’s Arabic writings into English, he could have thrown the discrepancies between what he tells English speaking audiences vs Arabic speaking audiences in the Imam’s  face instead of kissing his ass.