[UPDATED] HITLER'S new JUDENRATS* set sail for Gaza

A boat carrying left wing Jewish activists from Israel, Germany, the U.S. and Britain set sail on Sunday for Gaza, hoping to breach Israel’s naval blockade there. These traitorous Jews say there will be no violence but so did the activists on the Turkish flotilla.

MSNBC Boat passenger Rami Elhanan, an Israeli whose daughter Smadar was killed in a Palestinian suicide bombing at a shopping mall in Jerusalem in 1997, said it was his “moral duty” to act in support of Palestinians in Gaza because reconciliation was the surest path to peace. (And now you know why Jews ended up in gas chambers in WWII)

“Those 1.5 million people in Gaza are victims exactly as I am,” Elhanan, 60, said in an interview. (Looks like the terrorists got the wrong Elhanan)

Richard Kuper, an organizer with the U.K. group Jews for Justice for Palestinians, said one goal is to show that not all Jews support Israeli policies toward Palestinians. Kuper said the boat, which set sail from northern Cyprus flying a British flag, won’t resist if Israeli authorities try to stop it.L illian Rosengarten, 75, right, of the U.S. and Reuven Moskovitz, 82, two of 9 Jewish activists aboard, wave to media and friends as it sets sail from Famagusta harbor in the Turkish-occupied north of ethnically divided Cyprus

Organizer Alison Prager said from the boat before it left Cyprus that although many Jews have been on previous “blockade-busting trips” to Gaza, this was the first time Jewish groups have banded together to send a boat of their own. (That’s right, sell your souls to make friends with the enemy who still want you dead)

In Jerusalem, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Andy David called the latest protest boat “a provocative joke that isn’t funny.”(Let’s hope Israeli commandos have shoot-to-kill orders) “It’s unfortunate that there are all kids of organizations involved in provocations that contribute nothing and certainly don’t contribute to any kind of agreement,” David said.

Hamas, the Islamic militant group that seized control of the coastal strip of Gaza three years ago, had no immediate comment. The trip came nearly four months after Israeli commandos boarded a flotilla of Gaza-bound ships, including the Mavi Marmara, killing nine activists

*Judenrats were Nazi-appointed Jews whose job was to govern Jewish ghettos, select Jews for “relocation” to concentration camps, and  communicate orders of the ghetto Nazi masters. At least the Judenrats had an excuse for turning on their fellow Jews because of Nazi threats which were given credence by beatings and executions. Why are these new Judenrats turning on the only country in the world where they are welcome?

Israeli Navy intercepts the boat and stops the stupid self-hating sorry excuses for Jews.

NY TIMES Israeli navy commandos peacefully commandeered a catamaran sailed by an international group of Jewish activists on Tuesday trying to break Israel’s blockade on Gaza.

The Israeli military said in a statement that the vessel was boarded without incident and that “no violence of any kind was used by neither the passengers onboard nor the Israel naval forces.”

The military nicknamed the boat, “the Provocation Yacht.”

“The I.D.F. regrets that it must divert the Israel navy’s attention from its regular operational activity defending Israel and its citizens because of acts of provocation such as this,” the army statement said of Tuesday’s incident.