SYRIA gives new meaning to the words 'Spare the rod and spoil the child'

This video shows schoolteachers hitting pupils on their hands and feet with a big stick as the children scream out in pain. One teacher even asks the other pupils to help her hold the ‘victims’ still.

France 24 This is the violence that children are subjected to on a daily basis in Syria. Teachers and school principals don’t believe in teaching without violence. Sadly, this violence doesn’t shock anybody. The two teachers allowed themselves to be filmed because this is considered normal behaviour. They don’t do it on the sly.

Of course, what we see in this video is exceptional as it’s particularly violent. But everyday children are victim to insults, slaps on the head, blows on their hands using rulers, or they are obliged to remain standing for hours on end…These forms of violence exist in both private and state schools.

Nor do the parents of the pupils complain very often. They are afraid that their children will be punished if they complain. They know that the teachers always stick together whenever there is a problem.

“The corporal punishment depicted in the video is everywhere in Syria, and is a policy of the Syrian regime to raise children with a culture of fear from the day they start their schooling,” one Syrian said.

And I’m guessing there’s a passage in the Qur’an that justifies this, too?

If you have trouble viewing this video or YouTube has removed it, click on the France 24 link at the top to see it.