New Jihad 'TERROR' TV station to be launched in the UK

Britain’s resident ‘moderate’ terrorists are planning to launch a new hate-filled internet television station to recruit jihadists for the battlefield.

UK Daily Star The interet station will include live broadcasts from preachers of hate such

SALAFI jihadi youth Gaza

as Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Muhammad. And its organizers are even advertising sermons from a convicted terrorist.

The scheme was unveiled in a video posted on YouTube by a group calling itself Salafi

Opening titles feature the sound of guns being cocked and automatic weapons being fired.

One of those expected to appear is Brit Muslim Shah Jalal Hussain, who was

SALAFI jihadi group Somalia

jailed in 2008 for raising funds for terrorist groups in Iraq. He will be joined by Saiful Islam, said to have organised an anti-troops demo in Luton last year. London-based Choudary has already used a similar web channel in the US to threaten: “There are many battlefields, my dear Muslims.

“There’s a battlefield in Bethnal Green and Whitechapel – there’s a battlefield outside 10 Downing Street.”

The Home Office said the site was being monitored. A spokesman added: “It contains material which would be illegal if it were hosted in the UK. This site is hosted in the US.”

Above is a photo from the Muslim massacre of a school in Beslan, Russia. This attack is catalogued as the lowest form of Salafi Jihadi Terror on civilian population.