UN Human Rights Council votes 30 – 1 to condemn Israel for the Turkish flotilla incident

Shockingly, the U.S. (under Obama) votes against it.

Maybe Obama’s afraid that Israel will plant a StuxNet Worm in the White House?

Members of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council in Geneva voted today  on a resolution endorsing the findings of the International Independent Fact Finding Report into Israel’s interception at sea of Gaza-bound vessels, including the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara, on May 31, 2010.

The resolution, which was tabled by Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, (Of course, all Muslim nations) was approved with 30 votes in favor, one against and 15 abstentions. The United States (US) was the only country to vote against the resolution.

On that day, deadly clashes between Israeli commandos and pro-Palestinian activists/militants left nine militants dead. Israel maintains that its soldiers acted in self-defence after coming under attack from activists wielding clubs, axes and metal rods.

Turkish Ambassador Oguz Demiralp said that the resolution represents “consensus against those who seek impunity despite all the unlawful acts they have committed in defiance of the human council.” (It was done in self-defense by Israeli soldiers. Who cares if it defied the leading human rights abusers that are on the UNHRC?)