OMG! Ground Zero Victory Mosque is a montage of falling Stars of David

Look closely at the white facade of the building. The design is a montage of six-pointed Jewish stars cascading to the ground. Are they serious?

DNA Info New renderings of Park51, the mosque and community center planned near Ground Zero, show a dramatic 13-story building with a white webbed facade. The modern structure would stand several stories above its more traditional neighbors on Park Place.

The new designs, by SOMA Architects, also offer the first glimpse inside the $100 million mosque and community center. The floors and walls appear porous, with light filtering in from many different angles, and an open floor plan with an asymmetrical crisscrossing pattern gives a sense of spaciousness.

FYI:  Not confirmed, but I believe the architect on this project from SOMA Architects is Michel Abboud, a Lebanese-born architect who splits his time between New York and Beirut.