Muslim law permits parents to rip out the uteruses of mentally ill girls to protect family from shame

Cutting off the genitalia of little girls (FGM) isn’t enough. Now parents can have the womb of a mentally ill girl removed so she can’t get pregnant and shame the family by possibly giving birth to another handicapped child.

YNET NEWS The procedure has been sanctioned to this end by both Sharia and the Palestinian Authority. “We can’t follow the girls around 24 hours a day, and we worry that they will be sexually assaulted, so we prefer to cut out their wombs,” said one parent. (I thought that’s what bags on their heads were supposed to prevent?)
Parents who were interviewed anonymously cited protecting their daughters from rape as the reason behind the procedure, and the mufti of Nablus issued a decree approving hysterectomies “if they can put an end to a mental condition or social problem.”

The debate also concluded that Palestinian law does not prevent hysterectomies from being carried out on mentally ill girls, despite prohibiting the severing of body parts from any person’s body without that person’s consent.

Female Palestinian MP Dr. Sahar Al Qawasmi agreed that there is a legal problem, and said a hysterectomy does nothing to defend the girl but rather serves only to protect her family from the shame and embarrassment incurred in Muslim society by a mentally ill family member. “If we must cut out the girl’s womb, why do we not chop off body parts from disabled boys? The hysterectomy makes her the victim of a rape as well as of punishment, and the lack of punishment for her assailant.”  H/T TROP