Speaking of burqas, two leftie French female Muslim sympathizers take a stroll around the Champs E’lysee wearing half a burqa and hot pants to protest the French burqa ban.

This is good practice for when they are forced to walk around in full burqas after their friends the Muslims take over France.

UK TELEGRAPH Two French female students have made a film of the pair of them strolling through the streets of Paris in a niqab, bare legs and mini-shorts as a critique of France’s recently passed law. Calling themselves the “Niqabitches,” the veiled ladies can be seen strutting past prime ministerial offices and various government ministries with a black veil leaving only their eyes visible, but with their long legs naked bar black high heels.

Said the 2 ‘ Niqabitches,’ “We were not looking to attack or degrade the image of Muslim fundamentalists – each to their own – but rather to question politicians who voted for this law that we consider clearly unconstitutional.” (Yes, heaven forbid they should insult radical fundamentalists)