Dying Marine's final wish granted

A former Marine and Desert Storm veteran with little time left to live has become the recipient of grateful citizens’ outpouring of support and generosity — in hopes of granting one man’s final wish.

KSAT Martin Martinez began having seizures about five years ago and, after some medical tests, doctors diagnosed him with multiple brain tumors. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments helped Martinez enter remission and he seemed to be on the way to full recovery when the seizures returned in January. After another round of tests, his doctors delivered the 46-year-old veteran with some sobering news: the cancer had returned and this time it was terminal.

When his hospice case manager, Barbara Kirk, asked him last month if he had any final wishes, he named two. The first was to be reunited one last time with his kids whom he hadn’t seen since his divorce six years ago. After the Harbour Hospice nurses helped grant this wish, they turned to the next.

“The second (wish) was just to go out to the mountains again and have one last time under the stars and a campfire and get along with nature once again,” Martinez said.

Kirk took it upon herself to make sure this final wish was fulfilled. Kirk, a former Air Force nurse herself with two children currently serving in the military, says she’s felt a connection to Martinez because of his service to his country and wanted to what she could to help. “He’s just been a joy to take care of, he has the sweetest spirit and has just an incredible outlook on life and this is his deck of cards and he has to play them,” Kirk told local ABC affiliate KSAT.

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