LYING 'JUDENRATS' who tried to break the Gaza Blockade now accuse Israeli Navy of brutality

These pro-Palestinian Judenrats are the same kind of left-wing Jews who cozied up to the enemy (Hitler) in Germany, thinking that by betraying their fellow Jews, Hitler would save them. HAH!

ABC The 33-foot Irene is the latest in a string of boats or ships that have tried to break the blockade on Gaza. But what is unusual this time is that most of the activists on board were Jewish.

Israeli troops intercepted the boat on Tuesday (local time). They maintain they did so peacefully and there was no violence of any sort on board. For 24 hours there was no-one to challenge the claim. The 10 passengers were arrested and taken in for questioning.

But now, after their release from custody, some passengers have told a different story. The soldiers were very brutal to us. They didn’t kill us like they killed other Palestinians and Muslims, but they were very brutal,” Yonatan Shapira, an Israeli who was aboard the Irene said. Mr Shapira, a former air force pilot who had previously refused to fight in the Palestinian territories, is now an activist with the group Combatants for Peace. He says he was attacked by Israeli forces when they boarded the boat. (Shapira is said to have joined Hamas – see below)

“I got shot with a Taser shock gun and was brutally treated. We were detained pretty violently,” he said.

A British journalist on board, Vish Vishvanath, told the BBC he was ambushed and almost strip-searched by Israeli troops, who then confiscated his equipment. Israel maintains it cannot allow unauthorised ships to dock in Gaza because of the risk they could be smuggling weapons to Hamas, the militant group that seized power in 2007.

The Israeli military won’t comment on the activists’ accounts, but it has dismissed the voyage as a provocative stunt that has wasted the military’s time and resources.2 Israeli Naval boats intercept the Judenrats

Yigal Palmor, foreign ministry spokesman, defends the interception. “The boat was warned not to breach the international blockade. It was boarded by the Israeli navy. There was no violence and no incident whatsoever,” he said.

The five Israelis on board have been released without charge. Three of the foreign activists have already been deported.

Israel’s military posted this annotated video of the boarding of the ship:

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported:

IDF chief spokesman Avi Benayahu deplored the fact that, naval forces and fighters are being diverted from our main mission” to “a surreal assignment” of intercepting a boatload of activists. “Its entire intention was to generate media attention and [stage] a provocation. This matter is especially regrettable as we are talking about a group of Jews and of Israeli citizens, and even someone who has worn an IDF officer’s uniform.”

A spokesman for Israel’s foreign ministry, Yossi Levy, told Israel’s Ynet News that the boat’s attempt to break the naval blocakde of Gaza was a completely unnecessary media gimmick which should never have been born. This is a trick of hatred and publicity for people who don’t care about the love of Israel and don’t deserve more than a footnote.”

The news site added that an unnamed ministry official said, of the four Israeli activists on the boat, “They poured fuel into the bonfire of hatred against Israel. We don’t expect Israelis to be patriotic, but they should definitely not act as Hamas followers.”

The official suggested that one of the activists, Yonatan Shapira, a former pilot in Israel’s air force, “has joined the ranks of Hamas.” The official also said the 82-year-old Holocaust survivor on board “has probably not learned anything from the terrible past.”