Did you know Welsh lamb from Duchy, established by Prince Charles, was being Halal-slaughtered?

The Daily Mail’s exposure of restaurants, institutions, and stores SECRETLY selling Halal-slaughtered meat to non-Muslims has forced Waitrose to change its Prince Charles lamb products from the inhumane halal to non-halal slaughter.

UK DAILY MAIL Waitrose is to introduce a range of non-halal lamb products as a  response to customers’ concerns about its meat supplies. Until now, all lamb sold by the store has been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law, with a Muslim reciting a prayer in Arabic over the meat.

Waitrose said they made their decision in order to give customers ‘more choice’. But their reversal of policy comes a week after The Mail on Sunday revealed how most British supermarkets were secretly selling halal meat – especially lamb – without telling customers.

The investigation found that most New Zealand lamb sold in major British supermarkets was halal, meaning that the prayer ‘In the name of Allah, who is the greatest’ is said at the time of slaughter. Stores selling lamb slaughtered according to Islamic law included Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

After inquiries by The Mail on Sunday last week, Waitrose said: ‘We have decided to offer our customers an option to buy lamb which has not received the halal blessing.’ Waitrose said that all their other lamb produced in the UK and New Zealand will continue to be halal without being described as such on the packaging.

The Duchy Originals Welsh lamb is one of the most expensive type of fresh meat sold by any British supermarket chain. A kilogram of half a leg of Duchy Originals lamb costs £9.69 online. By comparison, a kilogram of Waitrose’s own variety costs £9.49, and Tesco’s costs £7.97.

Duchy Originals was launched by Prince Charles in 1990. Over a year ago, Waitrose signed a deal which gave it a licence to sell the Duchy Originals range, along with independent shops.

Patricia Dunton, 67, from Totteridge, North London, said she had been shopping in Waitrose for more than 30 years. Speaking before the Waitrose announcement, she said: ‘As a devout Christian, I won’t buy Duchy Originals lamb ever again, and I won’t buy lamb from Waitrose.I don’t like the fact that an Islamic prayer has been said over it. It should have been labelled so that I know what I am buying.’

Last night a spokeswoman for the Prince, who will become Supreme Governor of the Church of England when he becomes king, said he was unaware the Duchy Originals lamb was being killed according to Muslim law. H/T/ Lee S

The following video says Halal is just like Kosher but fails to mention that Kosher rabbis DO allow stunning of the animal whereas Halal butchers do not.