[UPDATED] Mmmm, Mmmm, BAD! Campbell’s Soup (Canada) goes HALAL

Campbell Canada introduces the First Mainstream Brand Halal-certified Products in the Soup Aisle. Even better, these Halal soups are certified by ISNA, the Hamas terror group-linked Islamic Society of North America.

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TORONTO – There’s a great story behind the launch of Campbell Company of Canada’s line of 15 Halal-certified products for Canada’s growing Muslim community.

“Campbell Canada is committed to making a difference and providing products that meet the diverse dietary needs of all Canadians,” said Mark Childs, Campbell Canada’s vice-president of marketing.  “When we challenged our employees to develop new products linked to our vision of Extraordinary, authentic nourishment for all, the ideas they provided reflected the diversity of Canada, including the growing need for accessible, affordable and nourishing Halal-certified foods. With the passion, energy and commitment of the Campbell team we were able to launch our Halal-certified products.”

Canada’s Muslim population now tops one million and is expected to grow significantly over the next 10 years.  Childs adds “With the launch of our Halal-certified soups we recognize Canada as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.  We also recognize that not everyone eats the same foods or prepares them the same way.”

Before launching Halal-certified soups, Campbell Canada worked closely with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the largest non-profit, religious, educational and non-political Islamic organization in North America, to review a selection of Campbell products and certify them as Halal under ISNA’s Halal Certification Program.

ISNA’s Halal Certification Program was established in conjunction with professionals in the field of Islamic foods and nutrition and Islamic scholars. The program includes the review of ingredients, formulas, manufacturing and sanitation processes.

Campbell Canada’s 15 Halal-certified products are identifiable by the ISNA logo on their labels. Now available at major Canadian grocery stores, these products include:

Campbell’s® Condensed Soups


Tomato Rice

Vegetarian Vegetable

Low Fat Cream of Broccoli

Campbell’s® Gardennay® Soups

Red Pepper Black Bean

Harvest Mushroom with Real Cream

Asparagus with Sweet Basil

Red Lentil and Vegetable

V8® Soups

Vine-Ripened Herbed Tomato

Campbell’s® Broths

Vegetable Broth




Campbell’s® Ready to Enjoy Soups

Cream of Mushroom

Garden Minestrone

Light Cream of Mushroom

Light Garden Minestrone


Campbell’s® Créations Soup

Rustic Spiced Lentil and Vegetable

For more information on Halal and the Halal Certification Program, please visit the Islamic Society of North America website.

At Campbell Canada, we take great care to ensure that these products are and remain Halal and have an on-going certification agreement with ISNA. If you have questions (or complaints) about Campbell Halal-certified Products please call the Campbell’s Consumer Response Center at 1-800-410-7687. H/T Jo A

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